Call for Applications for the Alaska State System of Support Coaching Program

RFP 180000063

Call for Applications for the Alaska State System of Support Coaching Program


The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development is seeking responses from qualified and experienced educators for the State System of Support (“SSOS”) Coaching Program. EED is seeking experienced educators who are interested in applying their education skills in a coaching setting to increase the capacity of low performing schools and districts to increase student achievement. Offerors must have knowledge of current research and practices in the six effective school domains of curriculum, assessment, instruction, supportive learning environment, professional development and leadership. Coaches work as independent contractors.

A multiple step procurement process will select contractors. Responses to the initial call will be scored and ranked comparatively. Top scoring responses will move on to the interview portion, with top scoring offerors being selected to act as coaches. This call will be used to fill any coaching needs through the 2018-2019 school year. Offerors selected for award will be required to submit further documentation to comply with Alaska’s Procurement Code and administrative requirements for contracts.

To submit a response, submit the following documents no later than 4:00 PM on Wednesday, May 2, 2018.

  1. A cover letter that indicates clear understanding of SSOS coach program and expectations as described below. Cover letters must include the complete name and address of the offeror, including the name, mailing address, email address, and telephone number of the person the state should contact regarding the response.
  2. A resume no longer than two pages, single sided, that clearly indicate educational background and ability to be a SSOS coach. This resume must clearly demonstrate at least 5 years of classroom or administrative experience in Alaska or as a professional educational consultant in Alaska, and experience as a member of a school or district leadership team.
  3. One of the following certifications, or evidence of qualifications to obtain one of the following certificates:
    • Current Alaska Type A Professional Teacher Certificate
    • Current Alaska Master Teacher Certificate
    • Current Alaska Type B Administrative Certificate
    • Current Alaska Type C Special Services Certificate
    • Alaska Retired (Lifetime) Certificate
    • Alaska Type E Early Childhood Certificate

     4. Three letters of reference from qualified persona that speak to your qualifications, experience, and           ability to perform as a SSOS Coach.

Submission Instructions

Offerors may either submit a hard copy of their documents or may submit PDF copies of the documents via email.

If submitting a hard copy, send one hard copy of each of the required documents to the procurement officer in a sealed package. The sealed proposal package(s) must be addressed as follows:

If using U.S. mail, please use the following address:

RFP 180000063
PO BOX 110500
JUNEAU, ALASKA 99811-0500

If using a delivery service, please use the following address:

RFP 180000063

Emailed proposals are acceptable but not encouraged. If submitting a proposal via email, the documents must be saved as separate PDF documents and emailed to as separate, clearly labeled attachments, such as “Vendor A – Cover Letter.pdf” and “Vendor A – Resume.pdf” (Vendor A is the name of the offeror). The email must contain the RFP number in the subject line.

The maximum size of a single email (including all text and attachments) that can be received by the state is 20mb (megabytes). If the email containing the proposal exceeds this size, the proposal must be sent in multiple emails that are each less than 20 megabytes and each email must comply with the requirements described above. It is the offeror’s responsibility to contact the issuing agency at (907) 465-8654 to confirm that the proposal has been received. There will be no emailed acknowledgment of receipt of an emailed proposal. Only receipt of an email may be confirmed: the email will not be opened until the deadline for receipt of proposals. The state is not responsible for unreadable, corrupt, or missing attachments. An emailed proposal received after the deadline shall be treated as if the offeror’s failed to submit a proposal prior to the deadline and will cause the proposal to be disqualified. Late emailed proposals or amendments will not be opened or accepted for evaluation.

NOTE: A complete proposal must be received by the deadline. Incomplete proposals or proposals received after the deadline shall be rejected as late proposals. The time an offeror sends a proposal is not the time of receipt. A proposal sent prior to the deadline, but received after the deadline shall be rejected as a late proposal.

Background Information

The mission of the State System of Support Coaching Program is to support districts and schools as they build their capacity to implement sustainable school improvement strategies.

The SSOS program works with district and school staff to promote improvement in the six effective school domains of Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction, Supportive Learning Environment, Professional Development, and Leadership. This includes, but is not limited to, work in these areas:

  1. Develop, implement and sustain school improvement efforts
  2. Align curriculum and assessments with Alaska State Standards
  3. Promote and integrate the Alaska Cultural Standards
  4. Increase data literacy and the use of data to inform instruction
  5. Develop structures that support quality instruction and effective interventions for all students with an emphasis on English Language Arts and Math
  6. Promote student access to meaningful exposure in all content areas
  7. Foster a positive school climate and learning environment that is attentive to local culture
  8. Foster staff collaboration through weekly staff meetings that discuss individual student progress,
  9. Align professional development policies and practices with resources and academic goals
  10. Develop principals as instructional leaders through the use of tools such as regular walkthroughs, precision goal setting, and school-wide initiatives

SSOS Coaching Program and Coach Expectations

The SSOS Coaching Program provides on-site technical assistance to support schools and districts in their efforts to improve systems and structures that increase student achievement. Coaches work collaboratively with educators to assess school needs, and design interventions based on education research.

SSOS Coaches receive required training on established SSOS Coaching Program tools and protocols. Coaches will take part in at least three (3) face-to-face meetings per year as well as partner calls with designated partners, and periodic, scheduled SSOS Coaching Program audio staff meetings. Coaches will be expected to adhere to the processes and tools presented by the Department of Education and Early Development and/or the department’s designee.

SSOS Coaches will be assigned to one or more schools, depending on the size and location of the sites. Coaches will visit this site each month, spending four consecutive days with the staff. If a coach is assigned to more than one school, the on-site time will be divided between the sites. Site visit activities will be based on school need, and shall include modeling instruction and leadership practices, co-teaching, facilitation, professional development, and data analysis. The logistics of coaching in rural Alaska necessitate that Coaches travel on the weekend, sleep in classrooms, and pack their own food and bedding. Phone, email, and other distance communication tools used between site visits require evening and weekend contact time.

Contract Types and Amounts

Contract will be Firm Fixed Price contract and will be either a Full Contract or a Partial Contract based upon an offeror’s preference and on the needs of the program. In the first year of the contract, coaches will receive a contract for their services of $48,500 for a Full Contract, or $24,250 for a Partial Contract.

Travel Reimbursement

DEED will reimburse actual costs for travel within Alaska. DEED will not reimburse any costs for travel to or from Alaska. There may be funds available for out of state travel, but the amount, if any, is not known at this time.

Anticipated Amendments

Depending upon budget, program need, and qualifications of specific coaches, one or more of the following amendments may be made by mutual agreement:

  1. Logistical coordination of coaches;
  2. District level coaching;
  3. Distance delivered coaching; and/or
  4. Piloting and development of new coaching models.

Pre-Submission Teleconference

There will be two pre-proposal conferences. The first was held at 1:30 PM on Wednesday, March 28, 2018. The second will be held at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, April 17, 2018. These will be via WebEx and potential offerors are invited to attend either conference by one of two ways:

Wednesday, March 28 Meeting

WebEx meeting was held at 1:30 PM.

WebEx Information

Streaming Link:

Download Link:

The following questions were asked. Answers follow each question.

Question 01
How many coaches are there and how many will there be for the first year under this RFP? Answer: The number of coach contracts is dependent upon demand, program needs, and available funding. For the 2017-2018 school year, there are 17 coaches.

Question 02:
Will the contracts for current coaches from 2017-2018 roll over to this year? Answer: No. All current coaches are required to submit new applications under RFP 180000063. Contracts under this RFP will be for one year with four one-year renewal options to be exercised by mutual agreement.

Question 03:
How many submissions historically have been received in response to a call for SSOS coaches and how many do you except in response to this RFP? Answer: The lowest number was zero, and the highest 35. We do not know how many will send in a submission to this RFP.

Question 04:
Once selection is made, what are the steps/paperwork that are required? Answer: The basic steps are an Alaskan Business License, insurance, getting set up as a vendor in the state accounting system, and finalizing the contract. We work with awardees to get these in place. The process typically takes about a week.

Question 05:
How do you choose where a coach is assigned? Answer: Coaches are assigned to Priority and Focus schools in the State of Alaska. Decisions on placements are made through a process that reviews school achievement and other data, school history, school improvement efforts and needs, coach skills, experience and strengths, and expected coaching impacts.

Question 06:
I will be traveling during the week of interviews. I am hoping that I will be able to find a time to attend the interview. Answer: The interview week is for the convenience of the interviewers. We will provide a list of dates and times and ask selectees to pick their top three choices. We give the slots on a first come, first served basis. If the slots you select are taken, we will ask for a new set of selections. If something (power outage, dropped call, other force majeure event) interrupts the interview, we will resume the interview at the soonest possible time.

Question 07:
How many people are on this conference call, are we going to do introductions? Answer: For procurement pre-proposal teleconferences, we typically do not ask attendees to introduce themselves. Looking at the participant list on the WebEx there appear to be five attendees in addition to the three DEED employees.

Question 08:
I am located outside of Alaska, is that acceptable? Answer: a location out of state is acceptable, but travel costs for travel to or from Alaska in servicing this contract will not be reimbursed.

Question 09:
How is travel handled cost reimbursement handled? Answer: the coaches make their own travel plans and are reimbursed for actual costs of travel within Alaska to and from the coaching location. Coaches submit a monthly invoice and are typically paid within 10 days of receipt of an undisputed invoice.

Tuesday, April 17 Meeting

WebEx meeting was held at 1:30 PM.

WebEx Information

Streaming Link:

Download Link:

The following questions were asked. Answers follow each question. Question numbering continues from the first meeting, so the numbering starts at 10.

Question 10:
Will SSOS Coaches be directly administered by the department? Answer: Coaches work collaboratively with a Program Manager at the department.

Question 11:
Who will be the administrator at the department and what will they do? Answer: DEED has not assigned the SSOS CP Program Manager duties. DEED may assign the support and coordination of coaching among more than one individual at the department.

Question 12:
What information is shared between coaches, the department, districts, and district staff? Answer: Program administrators work to facilitate communication between DEED, District leadership, school principals, and coaches. Coaches take the lead in establishing working relationships with school staff and report progress to other stakeholders through documents such as the Plan of Service, monthly Site Visit Reports, the standing school improvement plan, and briefings during the year. The best indicator of the communication expectations for coaches are found in the Coach Handbook 2017-2018. Specifically, see pages 26-35.

Question 13:
How is that information shared? Answer: Please refer to the Coach Handbook 2017-2018.

Question 14:
What other support is the department providing to the districts served by the SSOS CP? Answer: The schools and districts to which coaches are assigned also receive financial support through a variety of school improvement grants, are required to engage in a school improvement planning process, have priority in participating in professional development and training provided by DEED and partners.

Question 15:
Are there any other expectations for SSOS Coaches that are not currently outlined in RFP 180000063? Answer: RFP 18000063 requires a simplified submission from offerors. After offerors are identified for award there are requirements for having a state contract that will need to be met, these are outlined in the answer to Question 04, beyond that all expectations are outlined in the RFP and its attachments.

Question 16:
Who and how will the coaches be supervised or oversight provided? Answer: Answered in Questions 10 and 11.

Question 17:
What are the reporting expectations? Answer: Please see the 2017-2018 Coach Handbook which is attached to the RFP.

Question 18:
Will the duties substantially change from this year to next, assuming the same delivery models? Answer: The 2017-2018 Coach Handbook is the basis for expectations for coaches in the 2018-2019 school year. DEED does expect changes in response to the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act. What those changes will be will be known later in 2018 or early 2019. Coach assignments may change mid during the 2018-2019 school year based upon new ESSA requirements. (See Question 05).

Question 19:
The RFP states that training will be provided on established tools and protocols. Is that the type of training that will be provided under this RFP? Answer: It is expected that six days of training spread across three meetings will be included in the contract for next year. There are some training opportunities that are provided for coaches new to the program such as Cognitive Coaching Foundation training.

Question 20:
Why do questions have to go to the Procurement Officer? Answer: Questions come to the Department Procurement Officer as that person is tasked with handling formal procurements. RFP 1800000063 is a formal procurement. No other person at DEED has the delegation, authority, or certification required to conduct formal procurements.

Question 21:
Why does DEED need a procurement officer? Answer: The procurement laws, rules and regulations, and processes are complex requiring a level of knowledge and experience that requires specialization. See,,, and .

Question 22:
Who writes the answers to these questions? Answer: Answers about the procurement issues or that can be answered by pointing out the relevant portion of the RFP are written by the Procurement Officer. Other questions are answered by staff with the relevant knowledge and experience with consultation by the procurement Officer.

Question 23:
Will there be training available for specific practices (e.g. AIMSweb, MAP, PEAkS), or leadership and relationships? Answer: Yes, see the Coach Handbook. The training provided, as detailed in Question 19, can deal with all of those issues.

Question 24:
When will we know how many coaches will be funded by the state? Answer: the number of coaches is dependent upon legislative appropriation and district need. At this time we do not know how many we will need or have funding available to contract with.

The purpose of these conferences is to discuss the work to be performed with the prospective offerors and allow them to ask questions concerning this call for submissions. Participants should read this call for response and participate in either conference prepared to discuss any concerns. Questions submitted in writing to more than 24 hours in advance will be answered in these conferences. Questions that arise during a conference may or may not be answered during the conference. Questions and answers will be transcribed and sent to prospective offerors as soon as possible after the meeting.

Offerors with a disability needing accommodation should contact the procurement officer prior to the date set for the pre-proposal conference so that reasonable accommodation can be made.


The approximate contract schedule is as follows:

Issue call for submissions Thursday, March 15, 2018,

Pre-Submission Conference Number 1 at 1:30 PM on Wednesday, March 28, 2018;

Pre-Submission Conference Number 2 at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, April 17, 2018;

Deadline for Questions 5:00 PM on Monday, April 23, 2018;

Deadline for Receipt of Proposals 4:00 PM on Wednesday, May 2, 2018;

Interviews Monday, May 21 through Friday May 25, 2018;

Proposal Evaluation Committee completes evaluations by Friday, June 1, 2018;

State of Alaska issues Notice of Intent to Award (a) Contract(s) Monday, June 4, 2018;

State of Alaska issues contract(s) Friday, June 22, 2018;

Contract start Wednesday, August 1, 2018;

First contractor work period Monday, July 2, 2018 to June 30, 2019;

1-year renewal option 1 of 4: Monday, July 1, 2019 through Tuesday, June 30, 2020;

1-year renewal option 2 of 4: Wednesday, July 1, 2020 through Wednesday, June 30, 2021;

1-year renewal option 3 of 4: Thursday, July 1, 2021 through Thursday, June 30, 2022; and

1-year renewal option 4 of 4: Friday, July 1, 2022 through Friday, June 30, 2023.


10% of Points will be awarded based on the Application materials (Cover Letter, Resume, and Letters of Reference), 75% will be awarded based upon answers during the Interview, 5% will be awarded based upon Cost as modified by preferences in the Alaska Procurement Code, and 10% will be awarded based upon the Alaska Offeror’s Preference.

This call for responses will be used to coaches for the 2018-2019 school year. Offerors that score 70% or higher will be eligible for award. Contracts will be offered in the order of ranking: highest to lowest.

There will be four renewal options of 1-year each that may be exercised by mutual agreement.

Important Notice:

If you received this solicitation from the State of Alaska’s “Online Public Notice” web site or other notification service, you must register with the procurement officer listed in this document to receive subsequent amendments. Failure to contact the procurement officer may result in the rejection of your offer.

<end of notice>


3/30/2018 Amendment 01: removed references to “Alaskan Educators” and replaced with “educators.” Added information regarding first Pre-Proposal Teleconference (streaming and download links and questions and answers). Added information regarding travel reimbursement.

4/24/2018 Amendment 02: Added information regarding second Pre-Proposal Teleconference (streaming and download links and questions and answers).


  1. Sample Cover Letter, Resume, and Letters of Reference Score Sheet (
  2. Sample Interview Score Sheet (
  3. Coaching Handbook 2017-2018



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  • Pre-Submission Conference Number 2
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  • Deadline for Questions
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