2019 Statewide Municipal Candidates Year:

YearNameAddressOfficeElectionStatusSourceInitial Filing DateRegistration Form
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2019Borges, Jo1130 Vicki Lane
North Pole , Alaska 99705
 Fairbanks Northstar BoroughIntenteFiled05/10/2019
2019Cooper, Matthew995 Willow Grouse Rd
Fairbanks, Alaska 99712
 Fairbanks Northstar BoroughIntenteFiled04/22/2019
2019Cox, Tyson237 W Redoubt Ave
Soldotna, Alaska 99669
 Kenai Peninsula BoroughExempteFiled04/16/2019
2019Devens, JamesP.O. Box 3503
Not Reported, Alaska Not Reported
 Valdez, City ofExempteFiled03/15/2019
2019Dodge, KathrynPO Box 74660
Fairbanks, Alaska 99707
 Fairbanks, City ofRegisteredeFiled04/27/2019
2019Doney, Faunus317 W Eagle Ave.
Palmer, Alaska 99645
 Palmer, City ofRegisteredeFiled04/08/2019
2019Gage, DalonPO Box 2302
Valdez, Alaska 99686
 Valdez, City ofExempteFiled03/06/2019
2019Groundwater, ShannonPO Box 3306
Valdez, Alaska 99686
 Valdez, City ofExempteFiled03/15/2019
2019Hansen, Ethan18170 Loveall Lp.
Clam Gulch, Alaska 99568
 Kenai Peninsula BoroughExempteFiled03/07/2019
FAIRBANKS, Alaska 99709
 Fairbanks, City ofIntenteFiled01/11/2019
2019Needles, LonPO Box 2227
Not Reported, Alaska Not Reported
 Valdez, City ofExempteFiled03/13/2019
2019Prax, JoePO Box 1090
Valdez, Alaska 99686
 Valdez, City ofExempteFiled03/15/2019
2019Rentzel, JeffreyP.O. Box 82758
Fairbanks, Alaska 99708
 Fairbanks Northstar BoroughExempteFiled01/02/2019
2019Scheidt, SharonP.O. Box 3056
Valdez, Alaska 99686
 Valdez, City ofExempteFiled03/15/2019
2019Shields, Robert14 Marten Dr.
Fairbanks, Alaska 99711
 Fairbanks Northstar BoroughRegisteredeFiled05/12/2019
2019Shirk, EricaPO Box 3143
Valdez, Alaska Not Reported
 Valdez, City ofExempteFiled03/07/2019
2019Sorum, AlanP.O. Box 3218
Not Reported, Alaska Not Reported
 Valdez, City ofExempteFiled03/04/2019
2019Triem, Carole175 Gastineau Ave.
Juneau, Alaska 99801
 Juneau, City and BoroughIntenteFiled02/12/2019
2019Wilcher, Michael594 FLORENCE ST
NORTH POLE, Alaska 99705-5216
 Fairbanks Northstar BoroughExempteFiled01/28/2019