RFP #2518S032 - AMHS Vessels Long Haul WAN Circuit Connections AMENDED

The State of Alaska, Department of Transportation & Public Facilities, Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS) is soliciting proposals from qualified vendors to replace the existing VSAT Satellite Service contract and provide WAN Services - Long Haul Wan Circuit Connections, on-going maintenance for data, radio, voice and video services and mobile device connectivity services for the AMHS ferry fleet and terminals.

Proposals are due no later than April 13, 2018 at DOT&PF Headquarters, 3132 Channel Drive, Room 350, Juneau, Alaska. 

Proposals are due no later than April 24, 2018 at DOT&PF Headquarters, 3132 Channel Drive, Room 350, Juneau, Alaska

RFP Amendment #1 is hereby posted, including an amended RFP document & amended Cost Proposal. 

RFP Amendment #2 is hereby posted answering questions from a vendor, including amended Attachment #2 - Checklist and attached VSAT contract #2510S045 and amendments.

RFP Amendment #3 is hereby posted to change the passcode or access code to participate in the scheduled March 14th Pre-Proposal Conference.  The revised participant access code is 39051#. 

RFP Amendment #4 answers questions from vendors who participated in the Pre-Proposal Conference.

RFP Amendment #5 corrects an answer provided in Amendment #4.

RFP Amendment #6 provides an amended Cost Proposal.

RFP Amendment #7 amends to Due Date to April 24, 2018 at 2:00pm Alaska Time and amends other schedule date.

RFP Amendment #8 answers questions from vendors and amends the Cost Proposal.  A Word version of the amended Cost Proposal is attached to the Amendment Notice, as a PDF.

RFP Amendment #9 answers questions from vendors.

RFP Amendment #10 answers a question from a vendor.

RFP Amendment #11 amends the time of day for Receipt of Proposal on April 24, 2018 to no later than 4:00pm Alaska prevailing time.  AMENDMENT #11 IS INFORMATIONAL ONLY.

Result:  The Award of this RFP will result in one (1) term contract. 

Copies of the proposal may be downloaded (Adobe Acrobat format) from this Online Public Notice website. If you download the proposal, you must register with the Procurement Officer listed below to receive subsequent amendments. Failure to contact the Procurement Officer may result in the rejection of your offer.

Copies of the proposal are also available upon request from the Procurement Officer.

John C. Wynne, Procurement Officer

Voice:  907-465-8878


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Department: Transportation and Public Facilities
Category: Procurement
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Project/Regulation #: 2518S032
Publish Date: 3/1/2018
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