Notice of Excess Property - St George School - Request for Proposals - Deadline Extended

Pursuant to 4 AAC 31.085, the Department of Education & Early Development is soliciting proposals to dispose of property known as the Saint George School (DEED Bldg 400010-01) and housing unit, on Lots 1 and 2, Tract 41 of Section 29, Township 41 South, Range 129 West, Seward Meridian, as shown on Plat 86-1 filed January 28, 1986, Aleutian Islands Recording District.  The school building was built in 1955 with additions in 1975 and 1985, and is approximately 14,352 square feet.  It is in good condition with a cement foundation.  The 3-bedroom housing unit was built in 1984 and is in poor condition.

Property is subject to public and utility easements and institutional controls that limit development or excavation of soils under a depth of three feet.  Reference document # 2012-000159-0, Aleutian Islands Recording District.  

Notices under 4 AAC 31.085(b)-(g) are occurring simultaneously.  The order of priority in gaining title to the property will be state agencies, then municipalities or political subdivisions of the state, then qualified purchasers including non-profit entities willing to purchase, then non-profit entities receiving title at no cost. The local municipality, City of St. George, has expressed its interest to obtain and use the property for public purposes.

Proposals from municipalities, political subdivisions of the state, qualified purchasers, and non-profit entities must address the intended use of the buildings, conditions of acceptance of title, and demonstration of the financial ability to remove the buildings from state land, as necessary, including a reasonable schedule for removal.

*Submission deadline has been extended.* Interested municipalities, non-profit entities, and qualified purchasers should submit proposals and/or sealed bids, as appropriate, to the department at the following address no later than February  20, 2018:

Department of Education and Early Development
801 W. 10th Street, Suite 200
Juneau, AK  99801

Proposal/bid questions may be directed to Lori Weed at (907) 465-2785 or e-mailed to

Attachments:   Excess Property Form - St. George School
                        Excess Property Form - Housing Unit
                        Aerial Photo of Property

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