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Behavioral Health Clinician Services - #170007308 - AMENDMENT # 27/27/2017
Notice of an application for an Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan, Tesoro Kenai Refinery7/27/2017
RFP No. 25-17-1-064, Term Agreement for NR Hazardous Waste & Environmental Services 20177/28/2017
Alaska Administrative Code - Title 5 - Board of Fisheries - May 17-18, 2017 Anchorage Meeting: Bering Sea District C. bairdi Tanner Crab Harvest Strategy7/29/2017
Notice of Proposed Changes Relating to licensure, examinations, and renewal requirements in the Regulations of the Board of Examiners in Optometry7/31/2017
Notice of Public Meetings and Comment on Klutina Lake Road and Gulkana Proposed Settlement8/1/2017
RFP No. 25-17-1-075, Richardson Hwy MP 206-235 Reconstruction: Survey8/2/2017
Request for Proposal (RFP) RFP 180000001 – Air Quality Implementation Plan Development and Technical Support8/2/2017
Notice of Request for Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) # VSW-MOU-2017-36, City of Mountain Village, Alaska – Construction Management Services8/3/2017
Notice of Proposed Changes in the Regulations dealing with Pesticide Product Registration and Certified Applicator Standards, Including Fee Changes8/4/2017
Invitation to Bid (ITB) # VSW-NIN-2017-31, Water Distribution and Onsite Wastewater Systems8/7/2017
ADA-72463 Proposal to Lease State Airport Land at Deadhorse Airport8/7/2017
ADA-72111 Proposal to Extend a State Airport Land Lease at McCarthy Airport8/7/2017
Antidegradation Implementation Methods: Notice of Proposed Changes to the Water Quality Standard Regulations of the Department of Environmental Conservation8/7/2017
ITB NSHWY00049 Valdez Airport Apron Drainage and Grading8/8/2017
ITB Z640660000 Galena Campion Road Beaver Creek Culvert Replacement May 2013 ER Flooding8/8/2017
RFP No. 25-17-1-071Nome Airport Operating Settlement Repair8/8/2017
Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway MP 0-4.4 Pavement Preservation & Bethel: Ridgecrest Drive MP 0-62 Pavement Preservation Design Services8/8/2017
ADA-72395 Proposal to Lease State Airport Land at Kivalina Airport8/8/2017
ITB: 0A15024/Z581040000; 1930 South Glenn Highway Structure Removal8/9/2017
Alaska Administrative Code: Title 11 - Natural Resources - Div. of Oil and Gas: Calculation of Net Profit Share8/10/2017
Tazlina District Heat System Biomass Boiler – Design/Build8/10/2017
RFP- CSAPT00302, ANC Public Safety Radio Tower Design-Build8/10/2017
ADA-03262 Proposal to Extend a State Airport Land Lease at Kotzebue Airport8/11/2017
ADA-07810 Proposal to Amend a State Airport Land Lease at Girdwood Airport8/11/2017