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Notice of Proposal to Issue an Air Quality Control Operating Permit to BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc.'s Flow Station 15/30/2017
Notice of Proposal to Approve Eni U.S. Operating Company, Inc.'s Application for an Air Quality Control Minor Permit for the Nikaitchuq Development and Issue a Significant Revision to the Title V Operating Permit5/30/2017
FMATS Non-Motorized Work Group Meeting, May 31, 2017, 1-3 p.m., FMATS Conference Room, 800 Cushman Street, Fairbanks, AK5/31/2017
UAA Rasmuson Hall Fire Alarm System Replacement 5/31/2017
ITB - 0001(432)/Z537500000 - Soldotna: Funny River Road Improvements 5/31/2017
ITB - 0496(013)/Z580270000 Whittier Tunnel Standby Generators5/31/2017
Invitation to Bid for Building Site Pad Development Services for the City of Wales5/31/2017
Sealed Bid Sale #2517S070 EXCESS M/V Taku Car / Passenger Ferry5/31/2017
RFP No. 25-17-1-050 Term Agreement for Aerial Mapping Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)5/31/2017
Solicitation for Water Quality Data/Information for Alaska's 2018 Integrated Report5/31/2017
Alaska Administrative Code: Title 5 - Fish and Game - 2017 Anadromous Waters Catalog and Atlas6/1/2017
AIDEA Project Support Services Term Agreement6/1/2017
Amended Invitation to Bid - Alaska Psychiatric Institute Interior Improvements ANC 17-33C6/1/2017
Notice of Permit Renewal Application for Salcha Canaday Homestead Inert Waste Monofill 6/1/2017
SESA Board of Directors - Work Session 6/2/2017
Rabinowitz Courthouse Carpet Installation FAI-C-17-00036/2/2017
SESA Board of Directors - Business Meeting6/2/2017
FMATS Road/Rail Crossing Reduction Work Group Meeting, June 2, 2017, 1-3 p.m.6/2/2017
ITB - 0001557/CFHWY00169, and 0001573/CFHWY00107- Aleknagik Lake Road MP 0-5 Pavement Preservation and Aleknagik Wood River Bridge Construction–Phase III6/2/2017
Old Sterling Highway MP 0 to 8.7 Pavement Preservation & Kenai Peninsula Area Bridge Replacement Survey Services6/2/2017
RFP No. 25-17-1-053, Fairbanks Cushman Street Bridge 6/2/2017
Notice of Proposal to Approve the United States Air Force's application for a Minor Permit for the Clear Air Force Station 6/2/2017
Notice of Proposed Changes to Regional Requirements for Deputy Marine Pilot License and Pilot Stations or Pickup Points in the Regulations of the Board of Marine Pilots6/2/2017
Notice of Public Comment, Alaska Clean Water Fund & the Alaska Drinking Water Fund Intended Use Plans6/5/2017
Alaska State System of Support Coaching Program Call for Experienced Alaska Teachers6/5/2017