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Anchorage Fish and Game Advisory Committee2/21/2017
UAF IFB Utilities Steam Line Rupture-Facilities Repairs2/22/2017
Alaska Administrative Code: Title 12 - Board of Marine Pilots - vessel length overall for purposes of the pleasure craft exemption under AS 08.62.1402/22/2017
Notice of Adopted Changes to the Regulations of the Board of Marine Pilots2/22/2017
RFQ - Person Portable VLF Geophysical Instrument2/22/2017
IFQ: Haines Ferry Terminal Hawser Rail and Walkway Improvements2/23/2017
RFP No. 25-17-1-032, St. Mary’s Airport Improvements: Electrical Design2/23/2017
RFP - HIV/AIDS Prevention2/24/2017
ITB - 0001575/CFHWY00168 - Bogard Rd. Resurfacing: N. Lazy Eight Ct. to E. Stoney Hollow Dr.2/24/2017
17064- Kwigillingok Rural Power Systems Upgrade - Distribution System2/24/2017
RFP No. 25-17-1-037, Nulato Airport Access Road Realignment2/24/2017
Notice of Proposed Issance of an Alaska Pollutant Discharge System Elmination System (APDES) Authorization under a General Permit to Discharge to Waters of he U.S. , Kasigluk Traditional Council, Old Kasigluk2/27/2017
Strategy Committee Meeting - Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 2/27/2017
RFP No. 25-17-1-035, Dalton Highway MP 289-335 Drilling2/27/2017
Notice of Proposal to Issue Air Quality Control Minor Permit to Cook Inlet Energy, LLC, Sabre Offshore Drill Rig Project 2/27/2017
ADA-72400 Proposal to Lease State Airport Land at Ruby Airport2/27/2017
ADA-72413 Proposal to Extend State Airport Land Use at Nome Airport2/27/2017
ADA-70977 Proposal to Amend a State Airport Land Lease at Eagle Airport2/27/2017
Notice of Proposal to Issue Air Quality Control Minor Permit Revision 5 & Operating Permit to ExxonMobil Alaska Production Inc.'s Point Thomson Production Facility 2/27/2017
Notice of an Application for an Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan, Shoreside Petroleum, Seward, Alaska2/27/2017
ITB Z628360000 Steese Expressway to Front Street Bicycle/Pedestrian Path2/28/2017
RFP - Adult Day Services2/28/2017
RFP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education2/28/2017
ADA-08933 Proposal to Issue a Boundary Crossing Permit at Platinum Airport2/28/2017
ADA-09019 Proposal to Allow Use of State Airport Land at Stony River Airport 2/28/2017