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Rabinowitz Courthouse 5th Floor Carpet Replacement ITB#FAI-C-17-000811/27/2017
RFP 180000040 DEC Environmental Health Lab Flood Damage Repair11/27/2017
ADA-09220 Proposal to Permit Use of State Airport Land at Cold Bay Airport11/27/2017
ADA-72474 Proposal to Lease State Airport Land at Healy River Airport11/27/2017
Proposal to Extend Various State Airport Land Leases at Healy River Airport11/27/2017
ADA-72475 Proposal to Allow Use of State Airport Land at Galena Airport11/27/2017
RFP No. 25-17-1-070 Deering Airport and Access Road Improvements & Deering Airport Snow Fence 11/28/2017
Mekoryuk Airport Snow Removal Equipment Building, and Seward Airport Snow Removal Equipment Building & Sand Storage Building 11/28/2017
Notice of Proposed Issuance of an Alaska Pollutant Discharge Elimination System General Permit to Discharge to Waters of the United States - Small Suction Dredge Placer Mines General Permit11/28/2017
Alaska Administrative Code: Title 8 - Labor and Workforce Development - Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) Review Board procedures, retaliation complaint reporting, and occupational safety and health standards11/29/2017
Alaska Administrative Code: Title 12 - Board of Examiners in Optometry - license by examination, examinations, and renewal requirements11/29/2017
Notice of Adopted Changes to the Regulations of the Board of Examiners in Optometry11/29/2017
RFP-Mental Health Deferred Maintenance and Accessibility Improvements11/29/2017
Mental Health Discharge Planner - ACC11/30/2017
Revised NOIA RFP 2018-1200-3802 Y-STR Kits & Validation11/30/2017
ADA-72476 Proposal to Allow Use of State Airport Land at Tanana Airport11/30/2017
IRFP 180000057 Financial Capacity Assessments12/1/2017
RFP No. 25-18-1-017, Fairbanks International Airport Eastside Master Plan Update12/1/2017
Notice of Public Comment Period on Draft Dispersant Avoidance Area Annexes 12/1/2017
FMATS 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Air Quality Conformity Interagency Consultation, 1-3 p.m., FMATS Conference Room, 800 Cushman Street, Fairbanks, AK12/4/2017
Kenai/Soldotna Fish and Game Advisory Committee12/4/2017
Amended RFP - Supported Employment Individual Placement and Support Model12/5/2017
RFP No. 25-18-1-022, Northern Region Deep Culverts – Stage III Coastal Engineering12/5/2017
Anchorage Fish and Game Advisory Committee12/5/2017
ITB - Program Number 2501000021 Juneau Pioneer Home WSI & MSC Tub Rooms Renovation12/6/2017