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Letter of Interest for Medication Assisted Treatment Services1/24/2020
RFP 200000042 CO-Triage Assessments1/24/2020
Notice of Palmer Central Landfill Permit Modification - New Construction and Demolition Waste Cell1/24/2020
Amended RFP- Mental Health Deferred Maintenance and Accessibility Improvements1/28/2020
ITB: 0A32024 / CFHWY00265 & 0311036 / CFHWY00380- HSIP: Seward Highway Passing Lanes MP 37-52 & Seward Highway Pavement Preservation Milepoint 36-481/29/2020
RFP Birchwood Airport Master Plan Update1/30/2020
Southcentral September 2012 Flooding Repairs Palmer Fishhook Road Design Services1/30/2020
Notice of Proposed Changes to Occupational Licensing Fees for Collection Agencies in the Regulations of the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development1/30/2020
Amended RFP- State Opioid Response: Medication Assisted Treatment Expansion1/31/2020
ADA-72571 Proposal to Issue a Memorandum of Agreement for State Airport Land at Kotzebue Airport1/31/2020
Laundry Expansion - ITB #200003569A - ADDENDUM #22/1/2020
Addendum Two (includes Addendum One), RFP 18-211-20-A readvertised MOVES, Mobile Sources, Modeling & Technical Support2/3/2020
Regulatory Commission of Alaska: Notice of Utility Tariff Filing (Chugach)2/3/2020
Notice of Proposed Issuance of an Alaska Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Individual Permit to Discharge to Waters of the United States - Petro Star, Inc., Kodiak Bulk Fuel Terminal2/3/2020
Echo Mod Floor Replacement - ITB #200003874 ADDENDUM # 12/4/2020
Alaska Administrative Code - Title 3 - Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development regulation re: mortgage lending licenses, and bona fide exempt organizations 2/6/2020
Alaska Administrative Code - Title 7 - Department of Health and Social Services Regulation re: Div. of Public Assistance: Child Care Facilities Licensing2/6/2020
Alaska Administrative Code - Title 7 - Department of Health and Social Services Regulation re: Medicaid, Provider & Recipient Participation; Duty of Provider2/6/2020
Amended RFP- Supported Employment2/6/2020
RFP: 25203018- South Naknek Airport Resurface- Construction Administration2/6/2020
ADA-09273 Proposal to Lease State Airport Land at Talkeetna Airport 2/6/2020
Letter of Interest for Dental Care Services, Juneau, AK2/10/2020
ADA-08211 Proposal to Extend a State Airport Land Lease at Kodiak Airport2/10/2020
ADA-09346 Proposal to Permit State Airport Land at Unalaska Airport2/10/2020