Notice of Adopted Changes to the Regulations of the Board of Pharmacy

On February 19, 2021, the Board of Pharmacy adopted regulation changes in Title 12, Chapter 52 of the Alaska Administrative Code. The regulations refine the requirements for registration with the prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) controlled substance prescription database, to clarify that a “prescriber” –i.e., an advanced practice registered nurse, a physician, a veterinarian, or a dentist would be required to register within 30 days after initial licensure or registration with the DEA, whichever is later; and to clarify the requirements for registration by pharmacists before dispensing schedule II, III, or IV controlled substances under federal law, in particular clarifying the mechanism for out-of-state pharmacists to obtain a registration exemption and for those same pharmacists to meet registration requirements before dispensing controlled substances in this state.

The regulation changes were reviewed and approved by the Department of Law, signed and filed by the Lieutenant Governor (or designee) on April 6, 2021, and will go into effect on May 6, 2021. See attached copy of the filed version of the regulations.

The new regulation changes will be printed in Register 238, July 2021 of the Alaska Administrative Code.

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