Adopted Regulations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board Filed by Lt. Governor - Internet-based Alcohol Server Courses - Eff. 4.14.21

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has amended its regulations regarding alcohol server education courses.

3 AAC 304.465 is amended to allow for alcohol server education to be provided via Internet-based webinar or video teleconference to anyone in the state, including rural areas. Please see full amendment to the regulations attached at the bottom of this page.

The Lieutenant Governor signed and filed the regulation on March 15, 2021, with an effective date of April 14, 2021.

The regulations will appear in Register 238, July 2021, of the Alaska Administrative Code. Moreover, updated regulations will be available on our website on April 14, 2021.  For further questions, please email

Jane P. Sawyer
Regulations Specialist

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