Baby Brown/Glacier Side Timber Sale NSE-1594

State of Alaska
Department of Natural Resources
Division of Forestry
Sale Notice
Baby Brown/Glacier Side Timber Sale

Notice of Timber Sale under AS 38.05.945 & AS 38.05.035(e). The State of Alaska, represented by the Alaska State Forester of the Department of Natural Resources, is offering the following commercial timber sale under AS 38.05.120 by competitive sealed bid:  Baby Brown / Glacier Side Timber Sale – NSE-1594.

The sale area is located approximately 37 air miles northwest of Haines, Alaska.  The sale will consist of an estimated 23.1 million board feet of Spruce and Hemlock timber on approximately 1,006 acres located on the south side of the Klehini River drainage between Porcupine and Jarvis Creeks in 13 units. The sale area is within Township 28 South, Range 53 and 54 East, Copper River Meridian.

The minimum acceptable bid is $292,499.00 USD. For a bid to qualify, prospective bidders will be required to submit a 5% bid deposit of the total bid value. A cash performance bond of $140,000.00 USD is required prior to the execution of the contract. This will be a scaled timber sale. The term of the contract will be five years.

If bidding as an agent for an individual, partnership, or corporation, the agent must submit with the bid a notarized power-of-attorney authorizing such agency. No agent may represent more than one principal, or bid in competition with the agent’s principal. Persons interested in this timber sale are encouraged to visit the sale area, review logging and road construction standards, and scarification requirements and the contract prior to bidding. More detailed information pertinent to the sales is available in a prospectus and a sample contract may be obtained  on the State Online Public Notice System at:


Alaska Division of Forestry Area Field Office in Haines      
Contact:  Greg Palmieri
219 Main Street, Suite 26A                                                   
Haines, AK  99827                                                                  
Phone:  (907) 766-2120

To qualify, bidders must not be in breach of any prior timber sale contract, and submit a copy of their current Alaska Business License to the State Forester prior to or with their sealed bid. The sealed bid shall be on forms provided by the Division of Forestry, and marked on the outside with the timber sale name and number addressed to the Southeast Area Office, 2417 Tongass Avenue, Suite 213 Ketchikan, Alaska 99901. Bids will be accepted by the Southeast Area Forester until 2:00 P.M. prevailing time, March 4, 2021. All bids must be in the physical possession of the Southeast Area Forester before bid opening. Bidders are responsible for assuring that their complete bid package is delivered on time.

The State reserves the right to reject any or all bids. The sale will be awarded to the responsible qualified bidder offering the highest total bid value for the timber. The State reserves the right to waive technical defects in this advertisement in the best interest of the State. If no qualified bid is received by the advertised bid deadline, the Division of Forestry may offer the sale for purchase over-the-counter for not less than the advertised minimum bid without further notice.

The State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, complies with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  Individuals with disabilities who may need help with bidding should contact the Division of Forestry at 907-225-3070 to make any necessary arrangements.

Note: The bid date in the originally posted prospectus was listed two days earlier than the bid date in this public notice. The attached prospectus was updated on February 26, 2021to reflect the bid date of the original public notice.


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