Alaska’s SHARP Program – Council Business Meeting: 2/4/21

Purpose:  To deliberate on overarching program concepts, to articulate system values and program priorities, to potentially issue formal resolutions, and to conduct business of the Council and of SHARP overall.  These issues may include, but are not limited to, program policies, resources, budgets, timelines, selection of candidates, and other factors that affect the program. 


Date / Time:   Thursday, Feb 4, 2021, from 9:30a-12:30p (up to 3.0 hours, and no more)


Co-Chairs:  Mariko Selle ( and Eric Boyer (




9:30 – Call to order

  • Welcome and introductions / roll call / adopt agenda

  • New Members:  Clint Farr (DPH), and Tamara Brown (Providence)

  • Recognition of Jill Lewis (DPH)


9:50 – New Business

  1. Topic:  SHARP Quarterly Program Report (standardized) (Lauren Stredny)

  2. Topic:  SHARP Quarterly Budget Statement (Robert Sewell)

  3. Topic:  SHARP-3 – Status of Jan. 4th opening, and Applications received to-date

  4. Topic:  SHARP-3 – Practitioner Admissions Committee

  5. Topic:  SHARP-3 – Partnership Funding Committee

  6. Other Items that Members Wish to Add (via contacting Ms. Selle or Mr. Boyer)


12:10 – Other Business/Announcements

  • Topic:  Assignments (if any)

  • Public Comment


12:30 – Adjourn


Public Testimony


The public is welcome to attend, however public testimony and/or other comments will be taken only during the agenda-identified time-slot(s).


Council Member Attendance 


All Members are asked to attend, especially voting members.  Quorum is required.  If a Member cannot attend, then he/she is asked to arrange for their organization’s Alternate to do so instead.

LocationVideoconference – NEW, meeting ONLY by ZOOM.


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 919 5882 2419

Passcode: 3vP2tv


If you are “phoning in” find your local number:  


As a back-up option (only), if the Zoom connection fails, then:

Dial the separate teleconference line by phoning 888-392-4560, then dial code 5818485


Description of Alaska’s SHARP Program


Alaska’s SHARP Program provides recruitment and retention services for Alaska’s healthcare workforce.  The purpose of SHARP is to recruit and retain healthcare professionals to serve in DHSS-designated healthcare service locations in exchange for the repayment of qualifying education loans and/or payment of direct incentive, pursuant to a signed SHARP contract.  More information about SHARP is at:


Description of Alaska’s SHARP-3 Option


SHARP-3 is Alaska’s third state-operated support-for-service program effort.  SHARP Council unanimously recommended SHARP-3.  It features (a) advanced blended funding; (b) use of tax exemption for loan repayment; (c) adjustable funding-source proportions; (d) pre-authorization of registered employers; and (e) range of possible contributors.  The Alaska Legislature established SHARP-3 by unanimous passage of SB-93 (May 2019), now in statute as AS 18.29.


SHARP Council Members


Alaska’s SHARP Council is a deliberative body composed of up to 15 voting agencies, with at least four (4) more as ex-officio. Alaska Statute 18.29 requires that a permanent interagency advisory body be convened and meet at least quarterly.  Current voting members are:  AK Academy of Physician Assistants, AK Behavioral Health Association, AK Commission on Post-Secondary Education, AK Dental Society, AK Department of Labor, AK Mental Health Trust Authority, AK Native Health Board, AK Native Tribal Health Consortium, AK Nurses Association, AK Pharmacists Association, AK Primary Care Association, AK State Hospital & Nursing Hm Association, AK Family Medicine Residency Program and Providence, National Association of Social Workers - Alaska, and the University of Alaska, College of Health.  Current ex-officio members are the AK Department of Corrections, AK Division of Behavioral Health, AK Division of Public Health, and the Mat-Su Health Foundation.


Questions about:  Alaska’s SHARP Council, and this meeting, should be addressed to:


Robert Sewell, Ph.D., SHARP Program Director is available for questions via e-mail at or by phone 907-465-4065.

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