Lease Agreement ADA-01584 Swissport USA, Inc. at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

NOTICE OF APPLICATION TO EXTEND AIRPORT LAND LEASE TERM : The State of Alaska, Department of Transportation and Public Facilities, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (Airport) proposes to execute a Supplement to Land Lease Agreement ADA-01584.  LESSEE: Swissport USA, Inc.

AREA: Block 5, Lot 12, consisting of 51,750 square feet.

LEASE TERM:  Five (5) years, term ending 6/30/2025.  LAND RENTAL RATE:  $0.18/sf/yr.

AUTHORIZED USES:  Aircraft ground services and maintenance; the collection of foreign origin waste materials, the processing and/or treatment of such waste materials by incineration or high temperature sterilization and the disposal of any remaining waste residue; and contract automotive fuel sales with Lessee’s customers (only customers with ground equipment licensed to travel on public roads may be fueled on the premises).

This file is available for review during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, at the Leasing Office of Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, located in Room C3980 on the third floor of the South Terminal, at 5000 W. International Airport Road, Anchorage, Alaska 99502.  Comments or competing applications may be submitted in writing to: Attention: Teresa Ressler, Land Manager, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, P.O. Box 196960, Anchorage, Alaska, 99519-6960, but must be received by 5:00 P.M. on or before October 27, 2020, after which the Department will determine whether or not to execute the Land Lease. 

The DOT&PF operates Federal Programs without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. 

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The Department reserves the right to correct technical defects in lease language, the premises' description, lease term, or the purposes of the lease, and to reject any or all applications when to do so is in the best interests of the Department.

BY: Jim Patton
      Jim Patton, Airport Properties Manager

DATE: 9/28/2020                  

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