Proposed Small Lakes Subdivision

Land Conveyances Section


Requesting Input for
a Proposed Land Offering:
Small Lakes Subdivision – ADL 232662

Comment Period Ends 5:00PM, Wednesday, October 28, 2020

This proposed project includes offering for sale surveyed parcels in a future offering under the method and the related actions as described in the Preliminary Decision document. The project may be subdivided and offered in multiple offerings over time.

Located within DNR’s Southcentral Region, approximately 10.5 miles south of Lake Louise and 31 miles west of Glennallen, at mile 5 of Lake Louise Road. The project area is within Sections 11, 12, 13, & 14, Township 4 North, Range 7 West, Copper River Meridian, within the Unorganized Borough. The project area consists of approximately 914 acres of which approximately 500 acres are identified for disposal by this proposed action. See Attachment A: Vicinity Map for a depiction of the project area.

Project size: 914-acre project area with approximately 500 acres proposed development area.

To obtain the notice, Preliminary Decision, or instructions on submitting comment, go to or For assistance in obtaining the documents by an alternative method, to request auxiliary aids, services, or special accommodations, contact DNR’s Public Information Centers on State work days, Monday through Friday, between 10AM and 5PM in Anchorage at 907-269-8400, Fairbanks at 907-451-2705, or the Southeast Land Office in Juneau at 907-465-3400 (TTY for the hearing impaired for all locations: 711 for Alaska relay or 800-770-8973), or go to for additional contact information. Individuals who require special assistance must request assistance from the Public Information Center in Anchorage no later than 4:00 PM, Wednesday October 21, 2020.

Pursuant to AS 38.05.945 Notice, the public is invited to submit comment on the Preliminary Decision. If commenting on more than one proposed action, separate comments should be submitted for each. The deadline for public comment is 5:00PM, Wednesday, October 28, 2020. Only persons from whom DNR DMLW LCS receives timely, written comment during the identified comment period will be eligible to file an appeal of the Final Finding and Decision. Written comment may be received by fax, email, or postal mail. To submit comments or for direct inquiries, contact DNR DMLW, Land Conveyances Section, 550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 640, Anchorage, AK 99501, fax # 907-269-8916, or contact Terry Hess by email at If you have questions, call Terry Hess at 907-269-8591.

If no significant change is required, the Preliminary Decision including any minor changes and a summary of comments and responses, will be issued as the Final Finding and Decision without further notice. A copy of the Final Finding and Decision will be sent to any persons who commented timely on the Preliminary Decision.

DNR reserves the right to waive technical defects in this notice.

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Department: Natural Resources
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Project/Regulation #: 232662
Publish Date: 9/16/2020
Archive Date: 10/28/2020