This Serve Alaska RFP is an overview of the process for submitting AmeriCorps applications. The federal agency that oversees and funds AmeriCorps programs is the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

CNCS is a federal agency whose mission is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic participation through service and volunteering. For nearly two decades, CNCS —through its AmeriCorps/Senior Corps Programs, Volunteer Generation Grants and the Social Innovation Fund—has helped to engage millions of citizens in meeting community and national challenges through service and volunteer action. CNCS has a webpage that discusses “Our Impact” where one can get information about current programs:

AmeriCorps planning grants are awarded to eligible organizations proposing to support the development of AmeriCorps programs that will engage multiple AmeriCorps members in evidence-based interventions to solve community problems in future years. Successful new programs usually begin with between 8-25 members. Planning grant recipients are expected to be better prepared to compete for an AmeriCorps program grant in the following grant cycle (2021-22). Planning grants may not be used to support AmeriCorps members.

During the planning grant period, the grantee will devote personnel to training and completing tasks that:
• define the critical issue affecting their target community;
• research and identify an evidence-based service response to the issue that can be implemented by AmeriCorps members and community volunteers they recruit;
• develop an operation model to deliver the services effectively;
• establish effective partnerships to reach the community beneficiaries and acquire needed human, financial, and other resources;
• develop the human resource systems and management procedures required to recruit, select, onboard, supervise, evaluate, train, and document accomplishments of both AmeriCorps members and community volunteers;
• develop data collection systems that will be used for reporting, learning, and continuous improvement;
• prepare to integrate AmeriCorps financial management requirements into agency policies and procedures; and
• educate financial, human resource, senior leadership, and relevant organizational staff about AmeriCorps grant provisions, regulations, and resources available for new grantees.
The planning grant prepares the applicant to submit an AmeriCorps Formula grant program proposal that addresses the following elements in a strong, competitive manner:
• Community Need and Intervention
• Theory of Change and Logic Model
• Evidence-base
FY2020 AmeriCorps Formula Planning Grants RFP
• Member Experience (training, reflection, connection to AmeriCorps movement)
• Program Staffing, Compliance, and Accountability
• Member Supervision
• Performance Measurement
• Data collection and evaluation

Unlike AmeriCorps Program Grants, Planning Grants do not support AmeriCorps member positions. Instead, Planning Grants provide funding that allows organizations to hire/designate a staff person who is responsible for working with Serve Alaska staff and outside consultants to develop a high-quality AmeriCorps program that is designed to meet a community need.

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