State Equipment Fleet Review

The objective of this project falls into two areas:

  • A broad review and evaluation of the delivery of fleet services, including maintenance and asset management.
  • A review and evaluation of the equipment replacement process with respect funding, meeting customer needs, and criteria for replacement of equipment by usage, age, and maintenance costs. 

The end result of this process will be an in depth status report on the management and maintenance of the State of Alaska’s fleet and a prioritized list of recommended changes.

For each task listed the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities wants to know what we are doing right and/or where we can make changes to policy, process, and/or procedure that will result in improved efficiency and/or better service for end users. It is not necessary for the consultant to recommend changes if they are not significant or would not be cost effective.

The projected cost, including staff time, and benefit of each recommendation for improvement shall be provided. Each recommendation shall be prioritized with respect to all other recommendations in the study.

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Department: Transportation and Public Facilities
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