ITB 20039 Akhiok RPSU Project Modular Power Plant Assembly


                                                                ALASKA ENERGY AUTHORITY

                                                               NOTICE OF INVITATION TO BID

                                            Akhiok RPSU Project Modular Power Plant Assembly

                                                                          ITB Number 20039

The Authority is soliciting sealed bids for a contractor to assembly, testing, and commissioning of

one power generation module for the community of Akhiok .

The intent of the Contract is to provide for the construction and completion of every detail of work described in the Contract Documents. The Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, supervision, equipment, tools, transportation, quality control, and supplies required to complete the work in accordance with the Contract


The ITB Opens January 31, 2020 at 2:00 PM

The Invitation to Bid (ITB) Package is available from the AIDEA/AEA FTP website at: .  If you need assistance obtaining these documents, contact Lois Lemus @ email: or phone 907. 771.3909  

A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2020, 2:00pm in the Redoubt Conference room at the AIDEA/AEA Building 813 West Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99503. This is not a mandatory meeting, and there will not be a scheduled site visit prior to the bid opening.

If you downloaded this solicitation from the AEA’s Website, you must register on the online planholders list to receive subsequent addenda.  Failure to register may adversely affect your bid.  It is the Bidder’s responsibility to insure that they have received all addenda affecting this ITB. To register, go to and provide the project name & number, company name & contact person, address, phone number & fax number.

Individuals with disabilities, including the hearing impaired, who may need auxiliary aids, services, and/or special modifications to submit a proposal should contact the TTD number: (907) 269-0473, no later than one week prior to the submittal date to make any necessary arrangements.

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