Livestock Brand and Mark program in the State of Alaska - Renewal Notice

Livestock Brand and Mark program in the State of Alaska

            There are currently 161 registered brands in the State of Alaska that includes cattle, horses, elk and reindeer.


Current brand holders will be receiving renewal letters beginning January 2020, you will have until 1 March 2020 to re-apply.  At the end of March 2020 any brand or mark that has not been renewed is open for others to register.  New brand books will be available in digital or printed format upon request.


The State of Alaska Brand statutes are in Chapter 03.40 titled “Brands and Marks”.  Under section 03.40.010, any person owning cattle, reindeer, bison, musk ox, elk. sheep, horses and mules or asses may adopt a brand or mark.  After recording the brand or mark, as provided in AS.03.40.030, the person has the exclusive right to its use.


The Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources has designated the Division of Agriculture (DAg) the responsibility of managing the brand program.  The DAg publishes a brand book every 5 years.  The period covers years that end in either a 0 or 5.  A copy of the brand book can be obtained by contacting the DAg office in Palmer or Fairbanks.


The Division of Agriculture will send out renewal letters to registered brand owners so it is important to keep us notified of your current address.  If you have a brand that you would like register go to the Division of Agriculture Website at:

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