ADA-72568 Proposal to Permit Use of State Airport Land at Dahl Creek Airport

The Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities proposes to permit use of Lot 4D, Block 1, consisting of approximately 22,495.50 square feet (ADA-72568), at Dahl Creek Airport for two (2) years, to expire October 15, 2021. Applicant: Everts Air Fuel, Inc. Authorized uses: aeronautical–staging and storage of air freight. Annual rent: $1,642.17

Competing applications or written comments must be received by 4:30 p.m., October 10, 2019, after which the Department will determine whether or not to execute the permit. The Department’s decision will be sent only to persons who submit written comment or objection or a competing application to the Department, at the address and by the date and time specified in this notice, and include their return address. Information is available from Diana M. Osborne, Aviation Leasing, 2301 Peger Road, Fairbanks, AK 99709-5399, (907) 451-5201. Anyone needing hearing impaired accommodation may call TDD (907) 451-2363.

The Department reserves the right to correct technical defects, term, or purposes and may reject any or all applications or comments.

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Department: Transportation and Public Facilities
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Sub-Category: Airport Leasing
Location(s): Northern Region
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Publish Date: 9/9/2019
Archive Date: 10/11/2019
  • Applications or written comments due:
    10/10/2019 4:30pm