Adopted and Filed Regulations-Marijuana Tax

On October 4 , 2018, the Department of Revenue adopted regulation changes in Title 15, Chapter 43 of the Alaska Administrative Code.  The regulations were changed to implement new tax rates for various parts of marijuana and to add a new subjection pertaining to the tax rate applicable to different parts of marijuana sold or transferred in a single package, and to add definitions.

The regulation changes were reviewed and approved by the Department of Law, signed and filed by the Lieutenant Governor on October 8, 2018, and will go into effect on January 1, 2019.  See the attached courtesy copy of the filed version of the regulations.

The new regulation changes will be printed in Register 228, January 2019 of the Alaska Administrative Code.

The attached (courtesy copy) three pages of regulations, dealing with the marijuana tax, are adopted and certified to be a correct copy of the regulation changes that the Department of Revenue adopts under the authority of AS 43.05.080, AS 43.61.010, AS 43.61.020, and AS 43.61.030.


The regulation changes adopted under this order take effect JANUARY 1, 2019 under AS 43.62.180.

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