Assigned-Space Aircraft Parking (Tiedown) Lottery at Kotzebue Airport East Apron

Five vacant tiedown spaces are currently available on the recently constructed East Apron at the Kotzebue Airport.  The spaces will be made available to the public through a lottery as authorized in Title 17 of the Alaska Administrative Code (17 AAC 45.550). 

The spaces are located inside the security fence on the east side of the airport.  All spaces are “push back” and have a monthly fee of $48.00.  The spaces are shown on the attached map.  The spaces are designated as follows: Space E-08, Space E-11, Space E-12, Space E-13 and Space E-14.

Application and Application Fees

  1. To participate in the lottery, applicants must submit a completed Assigned-Space Aircraft Parking (Tiedown) Permit Application and a $35 non-refundable application fee.

  2. Applications must be received by 1:30 p.m. on August 8, 2018 to be eligible for the lottery.

  3. An applicant must indicate on the application form whether a Short Term Permit or a Long Term Permit is being requested. 

Short Term Permit:  The duration is variable from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 12 months.  The permit is billed every 3 months.

Long Term Permit:  The duration is 5 years.  The permit is billed every 6 months.


Application and Fee Due Date

Applications and application fees must be received at the address listed below.  The lottery will take place at 2:30 p.m. on August 8, 2018.

State of Alaska

Department of Transportation and Public Facilities

Aviation Leasing Office (Building 6)

2301 Peger Road

Fairbanks, Alaska 99709-5399


The lottery will take place in the offices of the Northern Region Office of Statewide Aviation Leasing at the time and address listed above and is open to the public. Applicant names will be drawn at random.  The first name drawn will be assigned Space E-08.  The second name drawn will be assigned Space E-11 and so on until all names are drawn.  If all available spaces have been assigned before all applications have been drawn, DOT&PF will establish a wait list as set forth in 17 AAC 45.470 starting with the remaining applicants in the order the remaining applications are drawn.

For more information contact:

Beverly Leslie

DOT&PF Statewide Aviation Leasing

(907) 451-2217/

The Department reserves the right to correct technical defects, term, or purposes and may reject any or all applications. 

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