Notice of an Application for a State of Alaska Integrated Waste Management Permit, Donlin Gold LLC

Alaska’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Division of Water  received an application for a State of Alaska integrated Waste Management Permit under Alaska Statutes 46.03 and the Alaska Administrative Code (AAC), 18 AAC 15, 18 AAC 60, 18 AAC 70, and 18 AAC 72.

Faith Martineau, Executive Director
DNR / Office of Project Management & Permitting
550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1430
Anchorage, AK  99501

Public Notice Start:     July 9, 2018
Public Notice End:     
August 7, 2018

Permit No.:                 
DEC proposes to adopt the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) draft Reclamation Plan Approval (A20186226) and closure cost estimate through reference into Waste Management Permit No. 2017DB0001

Donlin Gold, LLC
Donlin Gold Project
4720 Business Park Boulevard, Suite G-25
Anchorage, Alaska 99503

Proposed Project and Location
Activities: The proposed Donlin Gold Project would require approximately three to four years to construct, with the mine life currently projected to be approximately 27 years. The mine is proposed to be a year-round, open pit, conventional “truck and shovel” operation using both bulk and selective mining methods.

Location: Donlin Gold, LLC proposes the development of an open pit, hard rock gold mine in southwestern Alaska, about 277 miles west of Anchorage, 145 miles northeast of Bethel, and 10 miles north of the village of Crooked Creek. The proposed project would be located in an area of low-lying, well rounded ridges on the western portion of the Kuskokwim Mountains.

Tentative Determination
The DEC has tentatively determined to adopt DNR draft Reclamation Plan Approval (A20186226) and closure cost estimate through reference into Waste Management Permit No. 2017DB0001 and issue the permit to the above listed applicant.

Public Comments
Written comments specific to adopting DNR draft Reclamation Plan Approval (A20186226) and closure cost estimate through reference into Waste Management Permit No. 2017DB0001 must be submitted within 30 days of the first publication of this public notice or no later than August 7, 2018. Only comments directed at the Reclamation Plan Approval, as they apply to the Waste Management Permit, are being solicited and will be considered by the department. Please direct written comments to the attention of Faith Martineau at the address or email identified above. All comments should include the name, address, and telephone number of the commenter and a concise statement of comment on the permit condition and the relevant facts upon which the comment is based. Comments of either support or concern which are directed at specific, cited permit requirements are appreciated. Comments must be postmarked on or before the expiration date of the public notice.

Any interested person may submit a written request for a public hearing. A request for a public hearing shall state the nature of the issues to be raised, as well as the requester's name, address and telephone number. DEC will hold a public hearing if it determines that good cause exists.


August 7, 2018 at 5:00 pm

Administrative Record
Copies of the proposed permit and application documents are available for public review at Anchorage and Fairbanks DEC offices. Please contact either office to review hard copies of available documents.

555 Cordova Street                                  610 University Avenue
Anchorage, AK  99501                             Fairbanks, AK  99709
907-269-6285                                      907-451-2100

These documents are also accessible at the following State website.

The public notice bulletin may be viewed at the DEC Public Notices website,

For other inquiries, contact Faith Martineau at the address listed above, email, or call 907-269-0949.

Disability Reasonable Accommodation Notice:
The State of Alaska, Department of Environmental Conservation complies with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If you are a person with a disability who may need a special accommodation in order to participate in this public process, please contact Theresa Zimmerman at (907) 465-6171 or TDD Relay Service 1-800-770-8973/TTY or dial 711 within 30 days of publication of this notice to ensure that any necessary accommodations can be provided.

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