PRJ 421014, Administrative Reroute of RST 644, Cleary Summit – Gilmore Dome Trail, and RST 1931, Gilmore Hill Trail

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Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Division of Mining, Land and Water (DMLW)
Northern Region Lands Section


The Department of Natural Resources, Division of Mining, Land, and Water, Northern Region Office (DMLW-NRO) proposes under 11 AAC 51.065(k) to administratively realign portions of the Cleary Summit – Gilmore Dome (DNR file number RST 644) and Gilmore Hill (DNR file number RST 1931) trails northeast of Fairbanks. The grants of both rights-of-way were accepted by construction and use under former 43 USC §932 (RS 2477). Fairbanks Gold Mining Incorporated (FGMI) plans to expand the Fort Knox Mine into areas near or occupied by the trails. This public notice only pertains to the proposed trail realignment. FGMI has requested realignment of approximately 3 miles of the respective rights-of-way, shifting them up to about one-half mile further away from the mine. This realignment would also supersede a prior realignment of a smaller portion of RST 644 approved in 2015 but never completed (under PRJ 3). For a fuller description, see attached application, including maps.


Approximately 26 miles northeast of Fairbanks, Alaska and about three miles southeast of Milepost 20 of the Steese Highway, within Sections 8, 17, and 20 of Township 2 North, Range 2 East, Fairbanks Meridian. Portions of the realignment would also be within Sections 7, 19, 21, and 29. See attached application, including map.


Written comments must be received by the DMLW, Lands Section on or before 5:00 p.m. on May 7, 2018 in order to ensure consideration. Pursuant to 11 AAC 02.010(d), and with the concurrence of the Director of the Division of Mining, Land & Water, only persons who provide timely written comment or public hearing testimony will be eligible to appeal or request reconsideration.

To submit written comments, to view the full application packet, or to seek additional information, please contact:

AJ Wait
DNR, DMLW, Northern Region Lands Section
3700 Airport Way
Fairbanks, AK  99709-4699
Phone (907) 451-2777
Fax: (907) 451-2751

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