2018 Shore Fishery Lease Extension Public Notice

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Public Notice

The Shore Fishery Leasing Program within the Department of Natural Resources is considering the extensions of Shore Fishery Leases expiring in 2018. The public is welcome to review and comment on the proposed actions. Written comments will be accepted between September 1st and October 16th, 2017.

This public notice includes the following lease extensions:

Alaska Peninsula

Southeastern District:

ADL 223251 Eastlick, Richard E.
ADL 223909 Sparlin, R. Drew Jr

Bristol Bay

Egegik District:

ADL 223658 Murray, Remie R.
ADL 223244 Ohlson, Martha A.
ADL 223245 McCrum, Reuben L.
ADL 227498 Bishop, George W.
ADL 229338 Bishop, Shelbi Ann
ADL 223224 Sutherland, Dean F.
ADL 229872 Popa, Nicholas
ADL 221786 Hurley, Kyle
ADL 223635 Albright, Duane C. Sr
ADL 204176 Weese, Michael Lee
ADL 229162 Lockbeam, Corey
ADL 230172 West, Veryle M.
ADL 215079 Hopkins, Todd J.

Naknek-Kvichak District:

ADL 230089 Meeks, Rodney D.
ADL 223891 Bailey, Martina
ADL 224014 Wilson, George C.
ADL 223757 West, Allan D.
ADL 220492 Meggitt, Ronald J.
ADL 78922 Meggitt, Barbara L.
ADL 204002 Papetti, Karen L.
ADL 221471 Gill, Cody J.

Nushagak District:

ADL 226164 Thorson, Marilynn L.
ADL 210906 Backford, Basil C.
ADL 230186 Floresta, Mariano
ADL 223823 Olson, Curtis Wayne
ADL 223305 Friedman, Avi J.
ADL 223292 Layland, Taylor
ADL 223749 Cornelison, Nelle
ADL 225900 Cornelison, Sheryl L.
ADL 223304 Burnham, Elm
ADL 223869 Koebley, Samuel
ADL 225570 Bell, Isaak
ADL 225648 Broderick, Jonathan C.
ADL 221814 Palin, Todd M.
ADL 223736 Wysocki, Glen M.
ADL 229925 Glick, Kory N.
ADL 227427 Brookover, Kari Michelle
ADL 230093 Ball, Albert N. Jr
ADL 227426 McCambly, Kevin J.
ADL 227254 Broderick, Max

Togiak District:

ADL 227234 Sutton, Theodore C.
ADL 227235 Sutton, Olia P.
ADL 227293 Isaacson, Donald C.
ADL 227295 Wilbur, Stevie Rosa
ADL 224397 Ayojiak, Anuska
ADL 225986 Parker, John
ADL 230120 Fox, Martha J.

Cook Inlet

Northern Cook Inlet:

ADL 221819 Carlson, Michael C.
ADL 223657 Carlson, Susan K.
ADL 221891 Anderson, Travis S.
ADL 223087 Anderson, Mark David

Central Cook Inlet:

ADL 229486 Grannum, Robert
ADL 33562 Porter, Jennifer J.
ADL 34070 See, Arthur B.
ADL 34071 See, Arthur B.
ADL 34072 See, Anthony B.
ADL 223157 Coreson, Lori A.
ADL 32294 Anderson, Shayla A.
ADL 201331 Hall, George A. Jr
ADL 223732 Hall, George A. Jr
ADL 223864 Coleman, Victoria A.
ADL 36167 Jackson, Tony D.
ADL 36166 Monfor, Christopher
ADL 210842 Jones, Brandon K.
ADL 223851 Vincent, Mark
ADL 223889 Rogers-Basher, Lucinda M.
ADL 39980 Every, Lorraine F.
ADL 39981 Every, Michael T.
ADL 26813 Coreson, Terry D.


Alitak Bay District:

ADL 223905 Peterson, James R.
ADL 223907 Dunn, Homer E.
ADL 227651 Peterson, Donald C.
ADL 223798 Gustafson, Kathleen
ADL 223622 Metzger, Kodi A.
ADL 223624 Metzger, Richard A.
ADL 226186 Peterson, Mary
ADL 223908 Peterson, Kimberly C.
ADL 223215 Pryor, James R.
ADL 223261 Naumoff, Alfred F. Jr

Northwest Kodiak District:

ADL 209534 Walters, Lee T.
ADL 223255 Resoff, Michael R.
ADL 230153 Bassett, Jeffrey L.
ADL 223113 Monson, Tollef

Prince William Sound

Eshamy District:

          ADL 221908 Miller, Tim     

Protests and Comments regarding a lease extension must be submitted in writing and directed to Clark Cox of the Southcentral Region Land Office of the Division of Mining, Land and Water at 550 W 7th Ave, Suite 900C, Anchorage, AK 99501-3577. A protest must clearly state the nature and purpose of the protest in accordance with 11 AAC 64.450 and be submitted to both the applicant and the Department of Natural Resources by certified or registered mail no later than October 16, 2017. Protests postmarked after this date will not be accepted. If you need further information on any of these leases please contact one of the shore fishery leasing staff listed below:

Andrew Miller
Natural Resource Specialist
(907) 269-8545

Todd Derks
Natural Resource Specialist
(907) 269-8132

Christy Colles
Natural Resource Manager II
(907) 269-8557

The State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, complies with Title II of the American with Disabilities Act of 1990. Individuals with disabilities who may need auxiliary aids, services and/or special modifications to comment should contact Christy Colles via TDD (907) 269-8411.

DNR reserves the right to waive technical defects in this publication.


The Shore Fishery Leasing Team

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