ITB - 0496(013)/Z580270000 Whittier Tunnel Standby Generators



******A NOTICE OF CANCELLATION, Has Been Issued 6/8/2017******* 

Sealed bids for Whittier Tunnel Standby Generators, Project Number 0496(013)/Z580270000, will be received until 2:00 p.m., June 21, 2017 in the main conference room at 4111 Aviation Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska. ******A NOTICE OF CANCELLATION, Has Been Issued 6/8/2017******* 

This federally funded project furnishes and installs two new standby generators at each portal of the Whittier Tunnel, with related fuel tanks, support pads, sitework, variable frequency drives, PLC control system, electrical systems and other incidental work. 

A pre-bid Work Site Visit is scheduled for Friday, May 12, 2017 at 9:00 am. Meet at the Bear Valley Portal office.

The Engineer's Estimate is between $2,500,000 and $5,000,000.  All work shall be substantially complete April 15, 2018.  The DBE goal for this project is 0%.

Plans, Specs, Bid Packets and Addenda along with other additional information pertaining to the project may now be downloaded in their entirety at no charge on the DOT/PF website:
From that website, your company must self-register by clicking on the Plan Holders link, or register with the Central Region Plans Room by faxing your request to (907) 269-0425 or calling (907) 269-0408 or your bid may not be accepted.  Your fax must include your company name, contact name, mailing address, phone and fax number, and whether your company is registering as a General Contractor, Subcontractor or Supplier.  You may not change or alter the downloaded bidding forms in any way.  Electronic bids will not be accepted.

Bidding documents may also be purchased for $100.00 per set, payable to the State of Alaska, from the Central Region Plans Room, 4111 Aviation Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska before 4:30 p.m. (907) 269-0408.

Individuals with disabilities, including the hearing impaired, who may need auxiliary aids, services, and/or special modifications to submit a bid/proposal should contact the TTD number: (907) 269-0473, no later than one week prior to the submittal date to make any necessary arrangements.

******A NOTICE OF CANCELLATION, Has Been Issued 6/8/2017******* 

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