IRFP 05-005-17 for a Career & Technical Student Organizations Coordinator

Informal Request for Proposals 
IRFP 05-005-17
Date of Issue: October 28, 2016

Career & Technical Student Organizations Coordinator

The Department of Education & Early Development (DEED) Career and Technical Education (CTE) program is seeking and contractor for:

    1. Promotion, development, and continuation of all Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) organizations throughout the state of Alaska with an emphasis in increased student participation, especially at rural sites; 
    2. Provision of professional development for CTSO advisors (teachers); and 
    3. Coordination and planning for the annual statewide CTSO conference. 

Important Notice: If you received this solicitation from the State of Alaska’s “Online Public Notice” web site, you must register with the procurement officer listed in this document to receive notification of subsequent amendments. Failure to contact the procurement officer may result in the rejection of your offer.

Name: Rob Roys
Procurement Officer
Phone: 907-465-8654
Fax: 907-465-3452

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Department: Education and Early Development
Category: Procurement
Sub-Category: Professional Services
Location(s): Statewide
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Publish Date: 10/28/2016
Archive Date: 11/14/2016
  • Issue IRFP
    10/28/2016 5:00pm
  • Preproposal Teleconference
    11/3/2016 10:30am
  • Deadline for Receipt of Proposals
    11/14/2016 4:00pm
  • State of Alaska issues Notice of Award
    11/21/2016 3:00pm
  • State of Alaska issues contract
    12/2/2016 3:00pm
  • Contract start
    12/5/2016 8:00am