Notice of Adoption of Regulations dealing with Air Quality Permitting and Emission Fees

Regulations dealing with the Air Quality permitting and emission fees were adopted by the Department of Environmental Conservation on August7, 2015, with an effective date of September 26, 2015. The regulations have been made permanent and have been filed by the Lt. Governor. The regulations will appear in Register 215, October 2015, of the Alaska Administrative Code.You may obtain a copy of the filed regulations at on the effective date. The regulations changes are summarized as follows:

In accordance with AS 46.14.240(b) for permit administration fees and AS 46.14.250(g) for emission fees, DEC is required to evaluate fee rates every four years and provide the results of the study in a report. The amendments are based on the results of the study on permit administration fees, compliance fees and emission fee rates conducted for the latest fee report.  A new category of coal-fired plants was added to the fee structure. New definitions were also added and cross-references toother regulations were corrected.

The following sections were amended:

18 AAC 50.230, 18 AAC 50.260, 18 AAC 50.400, 18 AAC 50.403,18 AAC 50.410, 8 AAC50.420, 18 AAC 50.499

The following section was repealed:

18 AAC 50.405

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