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The Department of Administration proposes to amend regulations in 2 AAC 60 dealing with the compensation for court-appointed attorneys contracted by the Office of Public Advocacy, guardians ad litem, and court visitors, including:

  1. 2 AAC 60.010 will be amended to increase the amount of compensation provided to contracted attorneys handling OPA cases, while also revising the regulation to more precisely reflect different categories of cases.
  2. 2 AAC 60.030 will be amended to modernize compensation parameters for guardians ad litem, and further include court visitors in these compensation systems.
  3. 2 AAC 60.040 will be amended to better define “extraordinary expenses,” specify the categories of expense where this term applies, and allow guardians ad litem and court visitors to be reimbursed under this section.
  4. 2 AAC 60.050 will be amended to alter the process for timely submitting claims for compensation.
  5. 2 AAC 60.060 will be amended to clarify the process by which the public advocate may authorize payment of compensation in excess of the amounts described in this chapter.


You may comment on the proposed regulation changes, including the potential costs to private persons of complying with the proposed changes, by submitting written comments to       the Office of Public Advocacy     at      900 W. 5th Ave, Suite 525    .  Additionally, the          Office of Public Advocacy      will accept comments by facsimile at _907-269-1071_ and by electronic mail at  Comments may also be submitted through the Alaska Online Public Notice System, by accessing this notice on the system and using the "comment" link.  The comments must be received no later than ___5 PM__ on September 13th    , 2013__.

If you are a person with a disability who needs a special accommodation in order to participate in this process, please contact      Chrysti Brevogel at    907-269-3535     no later than    September 6th      to ensure that any necessary accommodations can be provided. 

For a copy of the proposed regulation changes, contact      Chrysti Brevogel     at    (907)-269-3500    , or see attachments. 

After the public comment period ends, the      Office of Public Advocacy      will either adopt the proposed regulation changes or other provisions dealing with the same subject, without further notice, or decide to take no action.  The language of the final regulations may be different from that of the proposed regulations.  You should comment during the time allowed if your interests could be affected.

Statutory Authority:   AS 44.21.410

Statutes Being Implemented, Interpreted, or Made Specific: AS 44.21.410; AS 44.21.420 (c)


Fiscal Information:  The proposed regulation changes are not expected to require an increased appropriation.


DATE:             08-02-2013                                                                              _______________     

                                                                                                            Richard Allen, Public Advocate


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