Notice of Adopted Changes in Regulations Dealing with Pesticedes and Integrated Pest Management Plans

Regulations dealing with pesticides and integrated pest management plans were
adopted by the Department of Environmental Conservation on January 22, 2013,
with an effective date of March 7, 2013. The regulations have been made
permanent and have been filed by the Lt. Governor. The regulations will appear
in Register 205, April 2013, of the Alaska Administrative Code. The regulations
changes are summarized as follows:

The amendments establish standards for state agency integrated pest management
plans, and allow the application of pesticides on state-owned or state-leased
land if the agency adopts an integrated pest management plan.

The following sections were amended:
18 AAC 90.500

The following new sections were added:
18 AAC 90.640, 18 AAC 90.645, 18 AAC 90.650

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