Unalaska Dutch Harbor Advisory Committee Meeting

The Unalaska Dutch Harbor Advisory Committee is planning to meet on December
17th, 2011 at 12PM, Unalaska Public Library Meeting Room, Unalaska, Alaska.

Teleconference number: 1-800-504-8071
Access number: 8425142#

The purpose of this meeting is to listen to the ADF&G Update on the BSAI Crab
Fisheries and the State Water COD Fishery. Currently on the update discussion
table will be the Bristol Bay Red King Crab, St. Matthew Blue King Crab and
Aleutian Island Brown King Crab fisheries, the update will also include harvest
amounts, and crab per pot numbers. There will be an update on the January 1st
Pacific Cod opening in Adak, pot, trawl and jig harvest amounts for the Cod A
Season. There will be a comparison between the fishery and the NMFS survey
data. Areas of concerns and discussion will include: reduced harvest levels,
the impacts the fishery has on the first whole sale market, revenues to
industry and communities. They will also have the North Pacific Council
December Meeting Update that touches on Pollock and Pacific Cod allocations.
There will be an update of elections and seated officers for the Unalaska Dutch
Harbor Advisory Committee. They will be reviewing the October BOF Work Session
and BOF South Pacific Cod meeting, along with Brown Crab , ACR update, and the
March 20-23rd Statewide Misc. Shellfish BOF meeting in Anchorage. Under new
business they will be review and commenting on Statewide Dungeness Crab, Shrimp
and Misc Shell fish proposals 345-379 for the Board of Fish March 20-23rd, 2012
meeting in Anchorage, AK.

The public is encouraged to attend and participate.

If there is need in attending this meeting due to disability or hearing, please
feel free to contact Alissa Nadine Joseph, South Western and Western Regional
Coordinator at 907-543-2709.


Alissa Joseph

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