Unalaska Dutch Harbor Advisory Committee Meeting

The Unalaska Dutch Harbor Advisory Committee plans to meet Saturday,January
29th, 2012 @ Unalaska Public Library Conference Room, Unalaska, Alaska,
starting at 12:00PM.

The purpose of this meeting will be an update on the Bering Sea Opilio Snow
Crab fishery, Eastern Aleutain Bairdi Tanner Fishery, Aleutian Island Golden
King crab fishery and the Aleutian Island State Water Cod Fishery. This AC will
also be reviewing on the Board of Fishery actions the week of Janruary 9th, in
Anchorage, AK. To review the petition for the Pacific Cod fishery in the
central Aleutian Islands. They will also be reviewing and commenting on
proposals 299-316 for the Statewide Board of Fish Crab meeting being held in
Anchorage the week of March 21st, 2011.
The UDAC will also be conducting elections for open seats and election of

The public is invited and encouraged to attend and participate.

If you have a disability or need special modifications to participate at the
meeting, please contact Alissa Joseph, 907-543-2709 at least two days in
advance before the meeting.

For Teleconference please call: 1-800-504-8071
Access number: 8425142#

Thank you,

Alissa Joseph

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