Chignik Advisory Committee Meeting (Update)

Chignik Advisory Committee Teleconference Meeting
Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

Teleconference NO. 1-800-504-8071
Access No. 8455142

Purpose of Meeting:
The call for proposals: Board of Fisheries and Board of Game cycle 2012/2013

This meeting will also be an update on what is going to be expected for the
upcoming fisheries 2012. They will also be discussing logistics for next years
planning schedule for 2012/2013. Also on topic will be the discussion of
election seats that are currently vacant and when the next face-to-face meeting
will take place to fill the seats and elect officers.

For more information please contact Alissa Nadine Joseph, Boards Support
Section Western & South Western Regional Coordinator at 907-543-2709, I can
also be reached by email:

For immediate assitance please contact our Juneau HQ office at 907-465-4110

Thank you and have a great day!

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