Ketchikan Fish And Game Advisory Committee Meeting

The Ketchikan Fish and Game Advisory Committee will be meeting at the Fish and
Game office, March 16, Wednesday, at 6:00pm. They will be discussing the
following items:

1) Submit to the State Sea Cucumber propsal that was accepted by KTN AC.
2) Spiny dogfish proposal (Westlund- directed commercial fishery)
3) Spiny dogfish proposal (Bezenek –sport reg.)
4) Sport punch cards (Bezenek)
5) Gravinia 101-29 Sport fish propsal 2 kings (Westlund)
6) Call for Proposals Federal Subsistance Hunting and Trapping Regulations.
March 24th DEADLINE.
7) Comments on Proposed Regulatory Change to Expand Board Membership to the
Federal Subsistance Board. APRIL 12 DEADLINE.
8) Board of Game call for proposal DEADLINE APRIL 29, 2011.

Teleconference will be available for those who would like to call in.
TELECONFERENCE 1-800-504-8071 - PASS CODE 465-4046

Anyone interested in any of these issues is highly encouraged to attend this
meeting. For further information please contact John Scoblic, AC Chair -
225.6664 or Shannon Stone, Regional Coordinator - 465.6097

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