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Bond Reimbursement and Grant Review Committee4/24/2018
University of Alaska Board of Regents4/24/2018
University of Alaska Board of Regents4/24/2018
Notice of Proposed Change to Water Right LAS 138344/24/2018
RFI SOA Satillite Communications4/23/2018
Water Service Connection - ITB # 180004365 - ADDENDUM # 14/23/2018
Review Notice for LAS 32288: Land use permit application received from Millrock Exploration Corp. for cross country travel along RST 305 off MP 43.5 of the Denai Highway.4/23/2018
AO 293 Establishing the Governor's Alaska Military History Museum Advisory Task Force4/23/2018
Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education4/23/2018
Temporary Closure of the Kenny and Patti Barber Shooting Range4/23/2018
Public/Planning Meeting Nulato Airport Access Road Realignment4/23/2018
Northern Region - Seasonal WR Effective 04.25.20184/23/2018
ITB 180000056 Janitorial Service at Kodiak Readiness Center4/23/2018
RFP 627 Anchorage Office Space for the Office of the Ombudsman4/23/2018
Notice of Meeting - Alaska Retirement Management Board - Actuarial Committee4/23/2018
UAF IFB Lola Tilly Walking Deck Roof Repair4/22/2018
SEF-2111 Contract to Purchase Wheel Loaders4/20/2018
Notice of Proposal to Issue an Owner Requested Limit Approval to the Alaska Village Electric Cooperative's Emmonak Power Plant4/20/2018
Invitation for Quotes: Red Devil Airport (RDV) Maintenance, Project No. 19-25A-1-0094/20/2018
Invitation for Quotes: Platinum Airport (PTU) Maintenance , Project No. 19-25A-1-0084/20/2018
Invitation for Quotes: Napakiak Airport (WNA) Maintenance , Project No. 19-25A-1-0074/20/2018
Invitation for Quotes: Manokotak Airport (MBA) Maintenance , Project No. 19-25A-1-0064/20/2018
Invitation for Quotes: Kongiganak Airport (DUY) Maintenance , Project No. 19-25A-1-0054/20/2018
Invitation for Quotes: Koliganek Airport (JZZ) Maintenance , Project No. 19-25A-1-0044/20/2018