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Delegation of Authority 8/17-24/20188/17/2018
Notice of Sale Beaufort Sea Areawide 2018W, North Slope Areawide 2018W, North Slope Foothills Areawide 2018 and Gwydyr Bay Block, Harrison Bay Block, and Storms Block Competitive Oil and Gas Lease Sales8/17/2018
Governor's Council on Disabilities and Special Education - FASD workgroup Strategic Plan meeting8/17/2018
Alaska Administrative Code - Title 18 - Environmental Conservation - air quality regulations re: udpates to adopted-by-reference materials and other matters8/17/2018
Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System (FMATS) Transition Meeting: August 20, 2018 – 11am-1 p.m., IBEW Union Hall Conference Room, 2000 Airport Way Fairbanks, AK8/17/2018
ASMI Board of Directors Meeting8/17/2018
Bristol Bay Advisory Group Teleconference Meeting on August 27, 20188/17/2018
Notice of Proposal to Issue an Air Quality Control Minor Permit in Addition to Issue an Air Quality Control Operating Permit for Alaska Electric Light & Power Company's Industrial Power Plant8/17/2018
Alaska Native Language Preservation & Advisory Council8/17/2018
2400 Viking Drive Snow Removal8/17/2018
ITB NFHWY00257 Steese Highway Mammoth Creek Bridge #831 Abutment Repairs8/16/2018
Optometric Services - RFP# 1900000118/16/2018
Amendment 2 to RFQ 09-190000012, Kulis Snow Removal, Ice Control, and Lawn Care Service8/16/2018
ADL 108046 - Mooring Site in Tongass Narrows8/16/2018
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission8/16/2018
Military Facility Zone Application by the City of North Pole8/16/2018
Notice of Land Use Permit Application LAS 32507 Igiugig Village Council8/16/2018
Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott delegation of authority for 17FSH2 public hearings8/16/2018
Nesbett Public Entry Security Upgrades8/16/2018
Governor’s Alaska Military History Museum Advisory Task Force8/16/2018
Bethel Airport Parallel Runway Surveying & Mapping Services8/16/2018
Early Intervention Committee, GCDSE8/16/2018
Regulatory Commission of Alaska: Notice of Utility Tariff Filing (GVEA)8/16/2018
0619-021 Fairbanks Regional Public Health Janitorial Srvs8/16/2018