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EV-3-335 Notice of Public Hearing for a Replat near Nome, AK7/2/2020
Notice of proposed changes on allocation of trust land revenues in the regulations of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority 7/1/2020
ITB: 0001629 / CFHWY00379 Fireweed Lane: Seward to Spenard Pavement Preservation7/1/2020
ITB# 190005726 - GCCC - CCTV Camera System Upgrade7/1/2020
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute July 16th Board of Directors Meeting7/1/2020
Alaska Early Childhood Coordinating Council (AECCC) Quarterly Meeting7/1/2020
ADL 105601 USFS Log Transfer Facility Easement Renewal7/1/2020
ADL 105307 USFS Log Transfer Facility Easement Application7/1/2020
Notice of Public Notice State of Alaska, Department of Environmental Conservation - Tesoro Logistics Operations LLC, Ocean Dock Terminal and Anchorage Terminal II7/1/2020
ADA-72310 Proposal to Extend a State Airport Land Lease at Galena Airport7/1/2020
API Governing Body- July Meeting7/1/2020
AMATS: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue Extension Design Services (25212001)7/1/2020
Notice of Intent to Begin Environmental Studies - Elliott Highway MP 51-63 Rehabilitation7/1/2020
APMA F20202911#1 - A Placer Mining Permit Amendment Application within the Circle Mining District, Independence Creek7/1/2020
APMA F20209717 - A Placer Mining Permit Application within the Circle Mining District, Easley Creek7/1/2020
Convert Existing Drawings to Revit7/1/2020
RFP #20-25-208266 FSA and HSA Administration Services7/1/2020
IRFP #20-21-0100 Branding and Design Services6/30/2020
Southcoast Region - Seasonal WR Effective 06.30.20206/30/2020
ADA-09303 Proposal to Permit Use of State Airport Land at Manokotak Airport6/30/2020
LAS 33309 QAP Franklin Bluffs Pad Storage Application6/30/2020
ITB NFAPT00484 Northern Region Automated Weather Observation Systems Installation6/30/2020
RFP: Parks Highway Alternative Corridor Planning and Environmental Linkage (PEL) Study 6/30/2020
Commercial Lease ADL 104846 Renewal6/30/2020