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Alaska Administrative Code - Emergency Regulation - Title 3 - Marijuana Control Board emergency regulations re: curbside and window pickup11/25/2020
SESA FY21 Winter Board of Directors Meeting11/24/2020
ITB NFHWY00355 Richardson Highway MP 138-148 Rehabilitation11/24/2020
ITB NFHWY00476 Parks Highway MP 315 Little Goldstream Bridge #67811/24/2020
DOR RFP 2021-0400-4706 Heat Applied Cigarette Tax Stamps11/24/2020
FAST Planning Technical Committee Meeting, December 2, 2020, 12-2 PM11/24/2020
APMA F20212476- A Placer Mining Permit Application within the Koyukuk Mining District-Chicken Creek11/24/2020
APMA A20203264 #1 - A Placer Mining Permit Application Amendment within the Innoko Mining District - Yankee Creek11/24/2020
Meeting of the Alaska State Board of Education and Early Development11/24/2020
50880 Proposal to issue a land use Permit at the King Salmon Airport11/24/2020
Matanuska Valley Fish and Game Advisory Committee Meeting11/24/2020
ADL 421562 Alaska Alpine Club Shelter Huts SLUP11/24/2020
Board of Pharmacy Videoconference11/24/2020
GCDSE Executive Committee Meeting11/24/2020
GCDSE Developmental Disabilities Committee Meeting11/24/2020
Board of Dental Examiners Videoconference11/24/2020
IRFP 18-324-21 Small Water System Online Course & Manual and Addendum One (10/23/20)11/23/2020
Great Bear Pantheon LLC, Talitha A Exploration Well Project Unit Plan of Operations Exploration Phase11/23/2020
Alaska Retirement Management Board - Board of Trustees & Committee Meetings - Dec 2-4, 202011/23/2020
Request for Proposals #2021-0700-4708 Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule11/23/2020
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission11/23/2020
Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission11/23/2020
Notice of Adopted Changes- Medicaid Care Management Program 11/23/2020
Notice of Adopted Changes- Health Care Services Price Transparency11/23/2020