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Decisions Category Lists

ABC Alcoholic Beverage Control
ACC Alaska Corporations Code
ACU Acupuncture
ADQ Administrative Disqualification Hearing
AEL Architects, Engineers and Land Surveyors
AFC Administrative Fine--Contractor
ALH Assisted Living Homes
APA Adult Public Assistance/Interim Assistance
APO Alaska Public Offices Commission
ATH Athletic Commission
ATP Alaska Temporary Assistance Program
AUD Audiologist / Hearing Aid Dealers
BAH Barbers and Hairdressers
BEN Benefits under Alaska Health Care Plan in voluntary referral cases
BFI Banking and Financial Institutions
BLA Business License Act
CAM Chronic & Acute Medical Assistance
CCA Child Care Assistance
CFE Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission
CHC Child Care
CHI Chiropractor
CMB Combination of DPA programs
CNA Certified Nurse Aide
COC Construction Contractor
COD Code of Conduct
COL Collection Agency
CONTRACT Contract Claims Against the State
COP Concert Promoter
COR Corporations
CPA Public Accountancy
CSS Child Support Services
CSW Clinical Social Worker
CTN Certificate of Need
DEC Department of Environmental Conservation (except for FDC)
DEN Dental
DHS Department of Health and Social Services (heard by OAH)
DKC Denali Kid Care
DMV Division of Motor Vehicles
DNR Department of Natural Resources
DOP Dispensing Optician
DPE Discrimination in Public Education
DTN Dietician
EBE Executive Branch Ethics Act
EED Education and Early Development
EFG Education Facility Grants
ELE Electrical Administrator
EMP Employment Security
ETC Electric and Telephone Cooperatives
FDC Food, Drugs and Cosmetics
GAM Charitable Gaming
GRE General Relief Assistance/General Relief Medical/Senior Benefits Program
GEO Geologist
GUI Big Game Guide
HAP Heating Assistance
HOS Hospice
HNF Hospital and Nursing Facilities
HRC Human Rights Commission
HSS Health and Social Services (former in-house hearing unit)
HSA Health and Social Services Appeals (Superior Court)
INS Insurance
LBC Local Boundary Commission
LLC Limited Liability Companies
LON Longevity Bonuses
LND Land Sale Contracts
MAS Massage Therapists
MCB Marijuana Control
MDA Medicaid Audit
MDE Medicaid Eligibility
MDR Medicaid Rate
MDS Medicaid Services and Coverage
MEC Mechanical Administrator
MED Medical
MFT Marital and Family Therapy
MID Midwives
MOB Mobile Homes
MOR Mortuary Science
MPC Medicaid Provider Certification
MPT Marine Pilot
MRL Mortgage Licensing
MSF Mortgage Surety Fund
MUN Municipal referral by contract
NAT Naturopaths
NHA Nursing Home Administrator
NOT Notaries Public
NUR Nursing
NUT Nutritionist
OAH Interlocutory, procedural, and sanctions orders of OAH
OSH Occupational Safety and Health
OPT Optometrist
PER Public Employees Retirement System
PFC Permanent Fund Charitable Contributions
PFD Permanent Fund Dividend Eligibility
PFE Permanent Fund Execution
PHA Pharmacy
POC Police/Peace Officer Certification
POT Physical / Occupational Therapy
PRC Professional Counselor
PRO Procurement
PSE Postsecondary Education Institutions
PSM Postsecondary Education Medical Waiver
PSY Psychologist/Psychological Associate
PTD Patient Termination/Discharge
PTP Professional Teaching Practices
RCA Regulatory Commission of Alaska (utilities)
RCE Residential Contractor Endorsement
REA Real Estate Appraiser
REC Real Estate Commission
RED Recreational Devices
RES Real Estate Surety
SAN Substantiation of Abuse or Neglect
SEC Securities
SGL Security Guard License
SNA Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps)
SRE Special Racing Events
STO Storage Tank Worker
TAX State Tax
TBD Takeover Bid Disclosure Act
TOB Tobacco Enforcement
TOU Tourist Accommodations
TRS Teachers Retirement System
ULS Uniform Land Sale Practices Act
UIA Unemployment Insurance
UNC Unclaimed Property
UPA Uniform Partnership Act
VCC Violent Crimes Compensation claims
VET Veterinarian
VOC Vocational Rehabilitation
WAT Water Rights
WCA Worker’s Compensation Appeals Commission
WCB Worker’s Compensation Board
WIC Women, Infants, and Children Special Supplemental Nutrition Program