Welcome to the Alaska Notary Commission Directory

The State of Alaska notary commission directory lets applicants apply for commissions online and existing notaries may update names and other required personal information. Notaries may also use this web application to print digital copies or order hard copies of their commission certificate, self-identify as mobile notaries and also indicate if they are willing to assist the public with any foreign language needs.

Anyone may access basic search functionality without logging in to the system, but logging in using your MyAlaska account is required to apply for notary commissions and to edit your commission data. Logging in through MyAlaska also provides non-notaries with the added functionality of being able to collect and save a list of "favorite" notaries. Those tasked with keeping track of their employer's employee-notaries may use the favorites list functionality to make it easier to corral all of their notaries into a single view to better keep track of expiration dates, etc.

Notary supply vendors and other interested parties can use the search functionality to find a collection of commissions and then export all of the publicly available information (including mailing addresses) related to that found set of commissions.

Please contact the notary office for assistance with using this system:

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