Kachemak Bay Fox River Flats Critical Habitat Areas Management Plan Revision- planning team meeting

The fourth planning team meeting for the Kachemak Bay and Fox River Flats Critical Habitat Areas Management Plan Revision is scheduled January 17, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. 

This meeting is an agency staff working meeting. These meetings will be open for members of the public to observe for the purpose of maintaining transparency in the plan revision process.  However, there will not be opportunities for the public to participate in the discussion. A limited period of time will be available at the end of the meeting for members of the public to ask questions.  A public review draft of the revised plan will be available for comment at the end of the revision process.  Please contact 267-2122 or prior to the day of the meeting with any questions.

The agenda for this meeting is to discuss policies revisions for Oil and Gas Exploration & Development, Long Term Anchorage/Float Structures, Boat Maintenance, Derelict or Abandoned Boats, Oil and Gas Rig/ Equipment Storage as time allows.

In Homer the meeting location is at Kachemak Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve's Conference Room at 2181 Kachemak Drive.

In Anchorage the meeting location is at the Department of Fish and Game's Aerie Conference Room, at 333 Raspberry Road.

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