NOTICE OF PROPOSED CHANGES IN THE REGULATIONS OF THE BOARD OF GAME - Statewide Regulations Meeting, November 10-17, 2017




Notice is given that the Alaska Board of Game, under the authority of Title 16, Alaska Statutes, proposes to adopt, amend, or repeal regulations in Title 5 of the Alaska Administrative Code which implement, interpret or make specific the provisions of Title 16.

The Board of Game may adopt, amend, repeal, or take no action on the subject matters listed below.  Regulations to be the subject of board action concern the use or taking of game and include the following:

A.  METHODS AND MEANS for taking big game, game, fur animals, AND FURBEARERS, including: Lawful methods of taking big game and game including restrictions on the use of cellular and satellite devices, aircraft, airguns, air bows, archery, crossbows, and muzzleloaders; and the taking of bears in dens. Also in this section, lawful methods of taking  furbearers and fur animals including same day airborne take of wolves and wolverine; land and shoot requirements for taking coyotes; the taking of non-target species, and with the use of bow and arrow.

B. PERMITS, PERMIT HUNT CONDITIONS, AND PROCEDURES including: Discretionary and required hunting permit conditions and procedures; special provisions for drawing hunts for sheep, goat, brown bear, and moose; permit allocation for residents and nonresidents including second degree of kindred relatives; nonresident guide requirements; restrictions on the number of permit applications; permits for taking wolves using aircraft; permits for possessing live game including hedge hogs, feral game, and the release of feral or stray cats to the wild; permits for falconry including the capture of raptors by nonresidents and changes to the ADF&G Alaska Falconry Manual; permit point system for drawing hunts; party permit hunts; permits for hunting bear with the use of bait including a new definition for “equipment”; bag limits for recipients of Governor’s tags; permits for selling skins, skulls, and trophies; and permits for taking big game for religious and other potlatches and ceremonies.  Also in this section, community subsistence harvest hunt permits conditions; Tier II subsistence hunting permit point system; and provisions for subsistence hunting priority.

C.  POSSESSION, TRANSPORTATION, AND USE OF GAME including: The restriction for taking bear cubs and female bears with cubs; sealing of horns and antlers; transfer of possession requirements; salvage of game meat, furs, and hides; sale of brown bear parts; and restrictions to bag limit including sheep, and bag limits for nonresident hunters hunting with resident relatives.

D.  LICENSES, HARVEST TICKETS, HARVEST REPORTS, TAGS, and FEES including: Harvest ticket requirements for brown bear; waterfowl conservation tag; and taking of game by proxy.

E.   INTENSIVE MANAGEMENT AND PREDATOR CONTROL IMPLEMENTATION PLANS including: Hunting restrictions and special provisions for predation control areas.

F.   REGULATORY DEFINITIONS including: “Bag limit”, “youth hunt”, “regulatory year”, “edible meat”, “equipment” for bear baiting, “community” and “group” for community subsistence harvest hunts, “brow tine”, “50-inch antlers”, spike-fork antlers”, “spike”, and “fork”.

G. CUSTOMARY AND TRADITIONAL USES OF GAME POPULATIONS including but not limited to: Customary and traditional use findings for migratory game birds in all Game Management Units;

H.  GENERAL AND MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS including: Hunter education and orientation requirements; licenses and tags; season openings by emergency order; and the policy for changing board agenda.

In addition to the statewide topics described above, the Board of Game will also address a proposal deferred from a previous meeting requesting a closure to caribou hunting alongside the Taylor Highway in Unit 20.

The board may need to modify other regulations to conform with changes made to statewide regulations related to the topics above.

The board will also take action on non-regulatory items during this meeting such as findings including proposed changes to the Nonresident Drawing Permit Allocation Policy (#2007-173-BOG), letters, and delegations, typically at the end of the meeting under miscellaneous business but action may occur earlier in the meeting if necessary. 

The proposed regulation changes are available on the Board of Game website at, or from the ADF&G Boards Support Section Office at (907) 465-4110.  Additional meeting information will be added to the website as it becomes available. 

You may comment on the proposed regulations including the potential costs to private persons of complying with the proposed changes by submitting written comments, limited to no more than 100 single sided or 50 double sided pages, to the Alaska Board of Game, Boards Support Section at P.O. Box 115526, Juneau, AK 99811-5526. Comments can also be submitted online at, by fax to (907) 465-6094, or emailed to (PDF format only). Comments must be received by Friday, October 27, 2017 to be included in the board workbook. 

Submission of written comments after the October 27, 2017 deadline is limited to ten single-sided or five double-sided pages in length from any one individual or group and will be provided to the board members at the beginning of the meeting. During the meeting, written comments from any one individual or group may be submitted by hand delivery if 20 copies are provided. Written comments that are submitted are public records and are subject to public inspection. 

The Board of Game shall consider all factual, substantive, and relevant comments in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, Alaska Statute 44.62.210. Comments having disparaging statements or personal attacks will be withheld or redacted.

The public hearing portion of the meeting is scheduled for the beginning of the meeting following staff reports, and will continue until everyone who has signed up and is present when called has been given the opportunity to be heard. However, state advisory committee representatives may elect to provide testimony at a later portion of the meeting. Additional public hearings may be held throughout the meeting just before consideration and adoption of proposed changes in the regulations. The board will take oral testimony only from those who register before the cut-off time announced by the board chair at the meeting. The length of oral statements may be limited to three to five minutes, or less for the public and 10 to 15 minutes or less for fish and game advisory committee and federal regional advisory council representatives. Everyone interested in, or affected by, the subject matter contained in this legal notice should make written or oral comments if they wish to have their views considered by the board.

Tentative Meeting Schedule

Statewide Regulations Meeting

November 10-17, 2017

Lakefront Anchorage, Redington Ballroom

4800 Spenard Road

Anchorage, Alaska 99517


Any changes to meeting location, dates or times, or rescheduling of topics or subject matter will be announced by news release and posted on the board’s website.  Please watch for these announcements or call (907) 465-4110.  Please carefully review the PROPOSAL INDEX and the additional proposal listing on the above-mentioned website for all specific proposal issues to be addressed by the board.

Anyone interested in or affected by subsistence and general hunting or trapping regulations is hereby informed that, by publishing this legal notice the Board of Game may consider any or all of the subject areas covered by this notice. THE BOARD IS NOT LIMITED BY THE SPECIFIC LANGUAGE OR CONFINES OF THE ACTUAL PROPOSALS THAT HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED BY THE PUBLIC OR STAFF.  Pursuant to AS 44.62.200, the board may review the full range of activities appropriate to any of the subjects listed in this notice. The board may make changes to the hunting and trapping regulations as may be required to ensure the subsistence priority in AS 16.05.258 including reexamining customary and traditional use findings and determinations for amounts reasonably necessary for subsistence use.  After the public hearing, the Board of Game may adopt these or other provisions dealing with the same subject, without further notice, or amend, reject, supplement, or decide to take no action on them. The language of the final regulations may be different from that of the proposed regulations.  YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO COMMENT DURING THE TIME ALLOWED IF YOUR INTERESTS COULD BE AFFECTED.

If you are a person with a disability who may need special accommodations in order to participate in this process, please contact ADF&G, Boards Support Section at (907) 465-4110 no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the meeting to ensure that any necessary accommodations can be provided.

Statutory Authority:   AS 16.05, AS 16.30.

Statutes Being Implemented, Interpreted, or Made Specific: AS 16.05.255; AS 16.05.256;

AS 16.05.258; AS 16.05.330; AS 16.05.340; AS 16.05.346; AS 16.05.405; AS 16.05.407; AS 16.05.783; and AS 16.30.010 – .030.

Fiscal Information:  The proposed regulation changes are not expected to require an increased appropriation.

DATE:    October 6, 2017                                                                                       /s/                         

                                                                                              Kristy Tibbles, Executive Director
                                                                                              Alaska Board of Game


(AS 44.62.190(d))

1.Adopting agency: Alaska Board of Game

2.General subject of regulation:  Statewide hunting and trapping regulations and other miscellaneous provisions.

3.Citation of regulations: 5 AAC 85, 92, and 99

4.Department of Law file numbers: JU2017200514

5.Reason for the proposed action:

(  ) compliance with federal law

(   ) compliance with new or changed state statute

(   ) compliance with court order

(   ) development of program standards

( X)  other: Regularly scheduled topics and other miscellaneous provisions for the Board of Game Statewide Regulations Meeting.  Implement, interpret, or make specific the provisions of AS 16.05-16.30.

6.Appropriation/Allocation: Natural Resources and all RDUs

7.Cost of implementation to the state agency and available funding: It is not possible to estimate costs. However, this action is not expected to require an increased appropriation.

8.The name of the contact person for the regulations:

Name:Kristy Tibbles
Title:Executive Director, Board of Game
Address:Boards Support Section
Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game
PO Box 115526
Juneau, AK 99811-5526
Telephone:(907) 465-4110

9.The origin of the proposed action:

X      staff of state agency

X      federal government

X      general public

10. Date: October 6, 2017                                                                                 /s/                         

                                                                                           Kristy Tibbles, Executive Director
                                                                                           Alaska Board of Game

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