Entity Registration Form


Submission Date: 09/20/2019
Filer First Name: Lonnie
Filer Middle Name (Optional): Gene
Filer Last Name: Glaudo
Filer's Title with Entity: Vice President

Entity Information

Election Year: 2019
Entity Name: Alaska Beverage Association, INC
Purpose: To foster and promote the development of the wholesale soft drink distribution business in Alaska, including the promotion of the products and services of the wholesale soft drink distributors who are members of the Corporation.
State Initiative Support/Oppose: Yes (Involvement)
Entity Mailing Address: 6300 Changepoint Drive
City, State Zip: Anchorage, Alaska 99518


Name: Lonnie Gene Glaudo
Address: 6300 Changepoint Dr
City, State Zip: Anchorage, Alaska 99518
Phone: 9072604799
E-mail: alaskabeverageassociation@outlook.com
Fax (Optional): Did Not Report

Officers and Directors

Name Address Title
Brent Miller 521 E 104th Ave
Anchorage, Alaska 99515
Lonnie Glaudo 6300 Changepoint Dr
Anchorage, Alaska 99518
Vice President

Bank Account / Political Activities Account

Name of Bank: Northrim Bank
Bank Address: 3111 C St.
City, State Zip: Anchorage, Alaska 99524