TitleNotice Date

 Delegations of Authority

 Delegation - Designated Ethics Supervisor5/2/2018

 Procurement: Professional Services

 Notice of Request for Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) # VSW-TLT-2019-12 - Tuluksak Native Community, Alaska – Core Community Wastewater Completion10/5/2018

 Public Notices

 Notice of Proposal to Issue an Air Quality Control Operating Permit for Westward Seafoods, Inc., Westward Dutch Harbor Seafood Processing Facility10/12/2018
 Notice of Grant Application – Rural Development Water & Waste Disposal Systems for Rural Communities Program9/21/2018
 Public Notice - Alaska’s Clean Water Actions (ACWA) Partnership - Solicitation For Water Quality, Water Quantity and Aquatic Habitat Projects 2019-20209/20/2018
 Public Notice - Medical Waste Treatment Permits9/19/2018
 Public Notice - Native Village of Tuntutuliak, Class III Municipal Solid Waste Permit9/19/2018
 Public Notice - Twin Hills Village Council - Twin Hills Beach Road Landfill9/19/2018

 Regulations: Adopted Text or Summary of Text

 Notice of Adopted Changes in the Regulations dealing with Oil Spill Prevention, Contingency Plans and Financial Responsibility Requirements9/28/2018
 Notice of Adopted Changes in the Regulations dealing with Underground Storage Tank Standards9/18/2018

 Regulations: Notice of Proposed Regulations

 Notice of Proposed Changes in the Regulations dealing with Oil Discharge Prevention and Contingency Plan Requirements for Noncrude Oil Tank Vessels and Barges10/9/2018
 Notice of Proposal to Adopt Regulation Changes Dealing with Six Per-and Poly-fluoroalkyl (PFAS) Substances10/1/2018