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 State Equipment Fleet Review1/23/2020
 RFP 2520S066 - Fast Vehicle Ferry Brokerage Services1/22/2020
 ITB #2520F008, Annual Carpet Cleaning services for Juneau Core Buildings1/17/2020
 ITB 2520C016 New 21 Foot PackMan Welded Aluminum Landing Craft - Anchorage1/17/2020
 Invitation for Quotes: Goodnews Airport (GNU) Maintenance Re-Bid1/14/2020
 ITB 2520N016; Crushed Aggregate, Grading E-1, Denali Highway, Federally Funded12/19/2019
 ITB 2520N018; Crushed Aggregate, D-1, Tok Area - Federally Funded12/17/2019
 Revised ITB 2520N017, Crushed Aggregate, D-1, Tazlina Area, Federally Funded12/17/2019
 Sterling Highway MP 45-60 Sunrise Lake Rd to Skilak Lake Rd Phases 3-5 Design Services8/19/2019

 Procurement: Construction Bids

 ITB NFHWY00250 Richardson Highway MP 18-24 Resurfacing1/23/2020
 ITB NFHWY00014 & NRMBS00478 Tanana Loop and South Chandalar Drive Intersections & UAF Denali Lane Drainage Improvements1/21/2020
 Sitka Sawmill Creek Road Resurface1/21/2020
 Akutan Airport Maintenance 1/21/2020
 ITB: 0A32024 / CFHWY00265 & 0311036 / CFHWY00380- HSIP: Seward Highway Passing Lanes MP 37-52 & Seward Highway Pavement Preservation Milepoint 36-481/2/2020
 KDK: Rezanof Drive Resurface: Airport to Chiniak Hwy.12/19/2019
 ITB: 0A41029 / Z543730000B - Mat-Su Structures Removal12/18/2019
 ITB: 19-25-1-042 / Anchorage/Eagle River Snow Removal Truck Rental11/22/2019
 RFP: CSAPT00314 / ANC Replace Transfer Switches 11/21/2019
 ITB: 0001(594)/CFHWY00268 - Old Sterling Highway: MP 0.0 to 8.7 Pavement Preservation11/20/2019
 ITB: 250100071Seward Highway MP 32.9 Culvert Repairs10/25/2019

 Procurement: Professional Services (Showing 5 of 17 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 RFP: 25203018- South Naknek Airport Resurface- Construction Administration1/15/2020
 RFP Birchwood Airport Master Plan Update1/7/2020
 Chefornak Airport and Kipnuk Airport Rehabilitation Design Services12/16/2019
 Southcentral September 2012 Flooding Repairs Palmer Fishhook Road Design Services12/13/2019
 In-State Welding/Coating Inspection, Corrosion & Non-Destruction Testing Term Agreement 2020 12/10/2019