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 Boards and Commissions: Aviation Advisory Board

 Aviation Advisory Board Meeting1/22/2021


 ITB 2521N013; Equipment Rental, As Needed, Northern Region, Federally Funded2/23/2021
 ITB 2521N014; Equipment Rental, As Needed, Northern Region, State Funded2/23/2021
 Request for Information (RFI) 2521H032 Eagle Point Software Corporation Pinnacle Series Software2/17/2021
 ITB#2521S044 Soft Drinks, Juices and Bottled Water with Vending Machines and Soda Fountain Dispensers2/16/2021
 ITB 2521H027 De-icing Chemicals - AMENDED2/16/2021
 ITB 2521N015 - Crushed Aggregates, Multiple Types, Dalton Highway, Federally Funded2/10/2021
 ITB 2521S046 Food and Related Galley Supplies for AMHS - AMENDED2/10/2021
 Revised ITB 2521N010; Air Service Charter - Dalton Highway Crew Change12/30/2020

 Procurement: Construction Bids

 ITB: 0A33030 / CFHWY00693 Sterling Highway MP 45-60 Sunrise to Skilak Lake Rd. Reconstruction Stage 1A2/26/2021
 ITB NFAPT00383 Stebbins Airport Segmented Circle Replacement FFY20192/25/2021
 ITB: AIP 3-02-0016-XXX-2021 / CFAPT00724 ANC Taxilanes U, P and Taxiway R North Surface Seal2/17/2021
 ITB: CFHWY00620/CFHWY00764, Contract Number 21-25-1-028 Anchorage Storm Drain Cleaning2/10/2021
 ITB: AIP 3-02-0016-XXX-2021 / CFAPT00759 ANC Runway 7R/25L Lighting Rehabilitation2/8/2021
 ITB: 0543006 / CFHWY00237 Boniface Parkway: Tudor to JBER Gate, Pavement Preservation2/4/2021
 ITB NFHWY00510 Richardson Highway MP 82-97 Resurfacing1/28/2021
 ITB NFHWY00125 McCarthy Road MP 27 Chokosna River Bridge #1193 Replacement1/28/2021
 RFP: 2501000086 - AVTEC Cafeteria Renovations1/25/2021
 ITB: AIP 3-02-0016-XXX-2020 / CFAPT00699, ANC South Terminal Cascading Escalators Enclosure & AIP 3-02-0016-XXX-2020 / CFAPT00748, TSAIA North Terminal Automatic Door Replacement1/15/2021
 ITB: 0A16053 / CFHWY00294 HSIP: Glenn Highway Median Barrier, MP 30 to 341/6/2021
 ITB: 0091007 / CFHWY00583 Glenn Highway at Mirror Lake - Nov 2018 EQ PR12/21/2020
 RFP: AIP 3-02-0016-XXX-2020 / CFAPT00701 ANC South Terminal Cooling System Upgrades Design-Build12/16/2020

 Procurement: Professional Services (Showing 3 of 17 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 AMATS: Ocean Dock Road Reconnaissance Study2/25/2021
 RFP #25-21-1-026, Saint Mary’s Airport Improvements2/24/2021
 AMATS: Mountain Air Drive Extension Design Support Services2/23/2021