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 Boards and Commissions: Aviation Advisory Board

 Aviation Advisory Board Task Force Meeting6/9/2020


 RFP 2521H009 Public Information Distribution System6/26/2020
 Request for Information6/25/2020
 ITB 2521H008 - Vehicle Crash Form Data Entry Services6/25/2020
 ITB #2520-F009 Emergency Generator Maintence and Repairs - Juneau area6/22/2020
 ITB 2520N043; Rural Airport Maintenance Contract, Point Hope Airport, Point Hope Alaska6/3/2020
 ITB 2520N044; Rural Airport Maintenance Contract, Stebbins Airport, Stebbins Alaska6/3/2020
 ITB 2520N041; Rural Airport Maintenance Contract, Grayling Airport, Grayling Alaska6/2/2020
 ITB 2520N042; Rural Airport Maintenance Contract; Nunam Iqua Airport, Nunam Iqua Alaska6/2/2020
 ITB 2520N040; Rural Airport Maintenance Contract; Ambler Airport, Ambler Alaska6/2/2020
 Seward Highway – 36th Avenue Intersection Reconstruction Appraisal Services4/24/2020
 Sterling Highway MP 45-60 Sunrise Lake Rd to Skilak Lake Rd Phases 3-5 Design Services8/19/2019

 Procurement: Construction Bids (Showing 13 of 14 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 ITB: 0001629 / CFHWY00379 Fireweed Lane: Seward to Spenard Pavement Preservation7/1/2020
 ITB NFAPT00484 Northern Region Automated Weather Observation Systems Installation6/30/2020
 SR Regionwide Non-NHS Slope Stabilization 6/24/2020
 ITB Z607390000 & NRMBS00517, Nome Bering Street Rehabilitation & Nome Bering Street – Nome Joint Utility System6/18/2020
 ITB: TA17004 / CFHWY00259 AMATS: Mountain View Drive Pathway Reconstruction6/10/2020
 ITB: CSAPT00674 ANC Miscellaneous Repairs 20206/3/2020
 ITB Z639130000 Northern Region Deep Culverts Replacement (Stage III Construction)6/2/2020
 ITB: 0091006 / CFHWY00560 ANC 2018 Earthquake Damage Repairs FHWA Group 2 Old International Airport Road 0091005 / CFHWY00559Postmark at Lake Hood Dr. Intersection6/1/2020
 ITB: 0A4-1(29) / Z543730000 Parks Highway M.P. 48.8-52.3 Reconstruction Pittman Road to Big Lake Road5/26/2020
 ITB: AIP 3-02-0122-01X-202X / CFAPT00270 Homer Airport Chemical Storage Building5/15/2020
 ITB: 0A31062 / CFHWY00414 HSIP: Seward Highway Rockfall Mitigation5/14/2020
 ITB: 0221(019) / CFHWY00661 Kenai Spur Highway Rehabilitation: Sports Lake Road to Swires Road – Phase II – Advance Clearing5/11/2020
 ITB: AIP 3-02-0016-202-2020 / Z592300000, AIP 3-02-0016-202-2020 / CFAPT00597 ANC Runway 25R East Safety Improvements, ANC Security Fencing Improvements 20204/10/2020