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 Boards and Commissions

 Aviation Advisory Board Task Force Meeting9/2/2020

 Boards and Commissions: Advisory Committee Meeting

 Alaska Marine Highway Reshaping Work Group Meetings9/10/2020


 Request for Information 2521H014 Rural Airport Law Enforcement Support9/14/2020
 ITB 2520-F018 Elevator maintenance and repairs 9/10/2020
 RFP # 2521H012 Alaska Highway Safety Office (AHSO) Administrative Support Services (AMENDED)9/3/2020
 CR 2020 Airport Surveys and ALP Updates8/24/2020
 Sterling Highway MP 45-60 Sunrise Lake Rd to Skilak Lake Rd Phases 3-5 Design Services8/19/2019

 Procurement: Construction Bids

 ITB: 0576011 / CFHWY00378Old Glenn Highway MP 0.0 to 9.4 Pavement Preservation & 0001604 / CFHWY00322 HSIP: Old Glenn Hwy and Knik Goose Bay Rd: Wider Lane Lines 9/1/2020
 ITB: 2501000114 DOA Juneau State Office Building – 5th Floor Drain Line Repairs8/26/2020
 ITB: 25RS092601Nome DMVA Hangar Renovation8/21/2020
 ITB: 20-25-1-17 Anchorage District Paving7/30/2020
 ITB: 0091010 / CFHWY00607 Central Region Bridges – Nov 2018 EQ PR7/28/2020
 ITB: 25RS206607-B Palmer Correctional Center – Deferred Maintenance Upgrades7/23/2020
 ITB: 20-25-1-018 Mat-Su District Paving7/23/2020
 ITB: Contract No. 20-25-1-016 Peninsula District Paving7/21/2020
 ITB: AIP TBD / Z556880000-A Nanwalek-Port Graham Airport Relocation Drilling Services7/9/2020
 RFP: 25RS206607-A Palmer Correctional Center – Fire Alarm & Security Upgrades7/8/2020
 ITB: AIP 3-02-0200-128-2020 / CFAPT00504 AWOS Projects: Various Sites7/7/2020
 ITB: AIP 3-02-0379-003-2020 / CFAPT00426, Atmautluak Airport Improvements & AIP 3-02-0446-002-2020 / CFAPT00427 Nunapitchuk Airport Improvements7/6/2020
 ITB: AIP 3-02-0176-006-2020 / CFAPT00063 McGrath Airport Reconstruction and Erosion Protection7/2/2020
 ITB: 20-25-1-006 / 0001674 / CFHWY0065 CR20 Peninsula District NHS Preventative Maintenance7/2/2020
 ITB: 0001629 / CFHWY00379 Fireweed Lane: Seward to Spenard Pavement Preservation7/1/2020
 ITB: 0221(019) / CFHWY00661 Kenai Spur Highway Rehabilitation: Sports Lake Road to Swires Road – Phase II – Advance Clearing5/11/2020

 Procurement: Professional Services (Showing 1 of 21 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 RFP #25-21-1-010, Richardson Highway MP 206-233 PEL Study: Hydrology & Engineering Services9/17/2020