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 Boards and Commissions

 Board of Marine Pilots10/15/2018


 ITB 2519C015 Guardrail Anchorage M&O10/16/2018
 Invitation for Quotes: Eek Airport (EEK) Maintenance Re-Bid10/15/2018
 Quick Cargo Center Warehouse Facility at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport10/11/2018
 Unarmed Security Services for the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport10/11/2018
 ITB # 2519S044 Parts and Service for Caterpillar Power Systems for Alaska Marine Highway (AMHS) Vessels10/10/2018
 Cost Allocation Plan Review and Analysis10/9/2018
 RFP # 2519S038 Avalanche Control Skagway, Alaska (Amended)10/5/2018
 AMATS: Glenn Highway Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Study – Phase II7/31/2018

 Procurement: Construction Bids (Showing 16 of 34 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 ITB -- HSIP: Sterling Highway and Main Street Intersection Improvements10/11/2018
 JNU Egan Drive Improvements - Main Street to 10th Street10/5/2018
 KTN: Shoreline Drive Culvert Replacement10/1/2018
 SR Areawide Horizontal Alignment Sign Compliance9/28/2018
 SIT: Katlian Bay Road Starrigavan Bay to Katlian River 9/28/2018
 SR Regionwide Traffic Signal System Upgrade9/26/2018
 ITB 2501000015 Fairbanks DNR Building Cooling Capacity Upgrade9/25/2018
 ITB Z634790000 & NFHWY00137, Fairbanks Danby-Wembley Roundabout & Wembley Avenue Improvements9/25/2018
 ITB -- AIP 3-02-0078-0XX-2018 / CFAPT00283 Dillingham Airport Gate Improvements8/28/2018
 ITB -- 2501000040 AVTEC Underground Fuel Tank Replacement8/27/2018
 ITB -- AIP 3-02-0122-XXX-2018 / CFAPT00144 Homer Airport Safety Improvements8/10/2018
 ITB -- AIP 3-02-0122-0XX-2018 / CFAPT00243 Homer Airport ARFF/SRE Building8/3/2018
 ITB -- 19-25-1-001 Benson Boulevard Pipe Lining7/26/2018
 ITB -- 0496(014) / Z584810000 Whittier Tunnel Surface and Drainage Improvements7/24/2018
 ITB -- RSA0560707A APK Building: South Chiller Addition7/20/2018
 ITB -- 0209002 / Z524520000 & 0209004 / CFHWY00397 & 0001623 / CFHWY00398 Bethel Ridgecrest Drive Rehabilitation & HSIP: 15CN01 Bethel Ridgecrest Drive School Zone Upgrades & HSIP: 15CR01 Akakeek Street and Ridgecrest Drive Intersection Improvements6/29/2018