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 Boards and Commissions

 Community and Public Transportation Advisory Board Teleconference Meeting3/15/2017


 ITB 2517N028; Crushed Aggregate, Richardson Highway MP 224.5; Federally Funded3/24/2017
 ITB # 2517N032; Crushed Aggregate, C-1 (modified), 13.5 Copper River Highway; Federally Funded3/24/2017
 Invitation for Quotes: Napakiak Airport (WNA) Maintenance Re-Bid3/23/2017
 ITB 2517C020 Insulated Metal Roofing & Wall Panels - Cold Bay3/22/2017
 Rural Airport Inspection Services3/20/2017
 ITB 2517S072 M&O Traffic Marking Paint Federally Funded3/15/2017
 ITB 2517C019 Hot Mix Central Region Various Locations3/15/2017
 ITB 2517N027; Crushed Aggregate, Elliott Highway MP 73, Federally Funded3/14/2017
 ITB 2517H035 Calcium Chloride (Amended)3/13/2017
 Sealed Bid Sale #2517S070 EXCESS M/V Taku Car / Passenger Ferry3/10/2017
 Revised ITB 2517N024; Crushed Aggregate, Multiple Types, Tazlina Area, Federally Funded3/8/2017
 Revised ITB 2517N023; Crushed Aggregate, D-1 Modified, Tok Area, Federally Funded3/7/2017
 ITB NFHWY00146 Fairbanks Area Signal Upgrades - Stage I2/28/2017
 ITB 2517S071 - De-icing Sodium Chloride (AMENDED)2/27/2017
 RFP 2517H025 Capital Program Optimization Feasibility Study2/24/2017
 ITB 2517S062 CRS Emulsified Asphalt for Klawock and Petersburg, Alaska (Federally Funded) - AMENDED2/16/2017
 ITB 2517S063 Aggregate B-Chip and E-Chip for Klawock and Petersburg, Alaska (Federally Funded) - AMENDED2/15/2017
 ITB No. 2517H021 Grader, Wing and Plow Blades (AMENDED)2/7/2017
 RFP 2517H004 - Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) Operations, Maintenance, and Equipment - AMENDED2/2/2017
 ITB#2517H016 Traffic Marking Paint, Solvent and Paint Beads - AMENDED1/19/2017

 Procurement: Construction Bids (Showing 4 of 38 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 ITB: Z835040000; Port Alexander Outer Harbor Improvements3/20/2017
 ITB - Homer: East End Road MP 5.5 - 12.6 Pavement Preservation Project No. 0414(0414)/Z5851400003/14/2017
 Program No. 2501000023/Anvil Mountain Correctional Center Water Main Upgrade3/13/2017
 ITB: SFAPT00049/3-02-0200-108-2016 & SFAPT00051/3-02-0200-109-2016; Various Primary Airports EAS Surface Preservation Maintenance & Various Primary/Non-Primary Airports Surface Preservation Maintenance3/9/2017