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 Boards and Commissions: Advisory Committee Meeting

 Roads and Highways Advisory Board Meeting2/8/2019


 ITB 2519N023, Calcium Chloride, Bladders, Northern Region, Federally Funded2/22/2019
 ITB 2519N015; Equipment Rental, "As Needed", Federally Funded2/21/2019
 ITB 2519N019; Equipment Rental, "As Needed", State Funded2/21/2019
 Seward Hwy: O’Malley to Dimond Reconstruction Appraisal, Acquisition, and Relocation Services2/21/2019
 FHWA Funded Traffic Marking Paint, Solvent, and Marking Beads for the South Coast Region2/20/2019
 ITB 2519N021; Crushed Aggregate, D-1 Modified, Tok Area, Federally Funded2/15/2019
 ITB 2519N022; Crushed Aggregate, Tazlina Area, Federally Funded2/15/2019
 RFQ 2519S066 AMHS Supplemental Food Service Orders2/8/2019
 RFP 2519H018 ACT Drug & Alcohol Compliance Monitoring2/4/2019
 RFP 2519H032 Quality Assurance Road Inspections1/31/2019
  Invitation for Quotes: Platinum Airport (PTU) Maintenance Re-Bid, Project No. 19-25A-1-0221/31/2019
 Invitation for Quotes: Crooked Creek Airport (CJX) Maintenance , Project No. 19-25A-1-0231/31/2019
 November 2018 Earthquake Zone 1 Professional Services and Program Management 1/28/2019
 November 2018 Earthquake Response Zone 2 Professional Services1/28/2019
 ITB NO. 2519H037 De-icing Chemicals (AMENDED)1/24/2019
 RFP -- CSAPT00061 Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Job Order Construction Contract (RFP 2018)12/20/2018

 Procurement: Construction Bids (Showing 8 of 12 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 ITB -- 19-25-1-004 Kongiganak Airport (DUY) Gravel Resurfacing2/20/2019
 Sand Point Dock Replacement2/20/2019
 ITB: 250100071 Contract No. 19-25-1-002 Atmautluak Airport (4A2) and Kasigluk Airport (Z09) Gravel Resurfacing2/19/2019
 ITB: 0A31049 / Z536260000A Seward Highway Structures Removal2/6/2019
 ITB: AIP 3-02-0016-XXX-2019 / CFAPT00173 AIP 3-02-0016-XXX-2019 / CFAPT00415; ANC Taxiway F Reconstruction, ANC RON 12-14 Lead In Lights2/6/2019
 ITB NFAPT00264 Brevig Mission Airport Segmented Circle Replacement FFY20171/29/2019
 ITB: CDRER00525, Contract No. 19-25-1-019 Tudor Road Overcrossing Emergency Repairs1/23/2019
 ITB: CDRER00512 Earthquake November 2018 -Storm Drain Inspection1/16/2019