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 Boards and Commissions: Aviation Advisory Board

 Aviation Advisory Board Teleconference2/21/2018


 ITB 2518H035 - Runway Potassium Acetate2/23/2018
 ITB No. 2518H031 Grader, Wing & Plow Blades2/16/2018
 ITB 2518C016-F Traffic Marking Paint, Solvent & Paint Beads - Federally Funded2/15/2018
 ITB 2518S054 Linen and Terry Products and Supplies for the AMHS2/15/2018
 Tow the FVF Chenega from Tacoma, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska2/13/2018
 ITB 2518N008; Medical Examinations, Fairbanks International Airport, "As Needed"2/7/2018
 ITB #2518S055 Kodiak Airport Runway Sand2/2/2018
 Sleetmute Airport Resurfacing Design Services2/1/2018
 ITB No. 2518H036 De-icing Chemicals (AMENDED)1/12/2018
 RFP #2518-F-001 CMMS Maintenance Mgmt. System1/11/2018
 Homer: West Hill Road Pavement Preservation Design Services12/28/2017
 AMYA Bus Shelter Design-Build9/20/2017

 Procurement: Construction Bids (Showing 12 of 20 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 ITB - AIP 3-02-0013-023-2018 / CFAPT00174 Lake Hood Seaplane Base LHD Taxiway V Reconstruction2/23/2018
 ITB - 0211065 / Z589800000 HSIP: Sterling Highway Shoulder Widening MP 97 to MP 1182/22/2018
 ITB - 0527(25) / Z583770000 & 0527(29) / CFHWY00304, C St, 40th Ave to Minnesota Pavement Preservation & AMATS: Anchorage Area Wide Trails Rehabilitation – C Street Pathway2/8/2018
 ITB NFHWY00136 & NFHWY00273 HSIP: Phillips Field Road Safety Improvements2/6/2018
 ITB - 0001(578) / CFHWY00212 Seward Highway, MP 75-90 Road and Bridge Rehabilitation, Phase I1/19/2018
 ITB - 0A15024 / Z581040000A Glenn Highway MP 34-42 Structure Removal1/17/2018
 ITB - 0537008 / CFHWY00012A Seward Highway: O’Malley Road to Dimond Blvd Reconstruction Drilling Services1/12/2018
 RFP -- CSAPT00388 ANC South Terminal Gate C-8 Jet Bridge Design-Build1/4/2018
 ITB - 0496(015) / CFHWY00113 Portage Glacier Rd Resurfacing: MP 4.7 to Whittier Tunnel12/28/2017
 ITB - 0001(478) / Z551100000 Williamsport-Pile Bay Road: Iliamna River Bridge Replacement12/19/2017
 ITB - Program Number 2501000021 Juneau Pioneer Home WSI & MSC Tub Rooms Renovation11/2/2017
 ITB - 0A16(048) / Z585340000 Glenn Highway: Eklutna to Parks Highway Pavement Preservation11/1/2017