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 ITB #2520F005, Janitorial services for DOT/SEF offices and Griffin Bldg. in Kodiak Alaska12/5/2019
 RFP # 2520H012 Sports and Special Events Marketing Service – Federally Funded11/29/2019
 ITB #2520F007, Janitorial Services for Nome State Office Bldg.11/22/2019
 Sterling Highway MP 45-60 Sunrise Lake Rd to Skilak Lake Rd Phases 3-5 Design Services8/19/2019

 Procurement: Construction Bids

 ITB Z613660000 Dalton Highway MP 362-414 Reconstruction11/22/2019
 Angoon Ferry Terminal Apron Ramp Repairs11/22/2019
 HNS-HNS Hwy Resurface: Allen Road to MP 0.711/22/2019
 ITB: 19-25-1-042 / Anchorage/Eagle River Snow Removal Truck Rental11/22/2019
 RFP: CSAPT00314 / ANC Replace Transfer Switches 11/21/2019
 ITB: 0001(594)/CFHWY00268 - Old Sterling Highway: MP 0.0 to 8.7 Pavement Preservation11/20/2019
 AMHS Storage Tank Replacement & Wastewater Treatment System Upgrades11/8/2019
 ITB: 250100071Seward Highway MP 32.9 Culvert Repairs10/25/2019
 ITB: 0549004 / Z587610000 - AMATS: Post Rd: 3rd Ave to Reeve Blvd Pavement Preservation10/15/2019
 ITB: 0A31056 / CFHWY00011 & 0001497 / Z570880000 - Seward Hwy: MP 100-105 Improvements & HSIP: CR Traffic Safety Corridor Left Turn Lanes10/9/2019
 ITB: Z530140000 / Sterling Hwy MP 45-60 Sunrise Lake Rd to Skilak Lake Rd Phases 2-5 CM/GC10/7/2019
 ITB: 0001626 / CFHWY00028 - AMATS: Bicycle Plan Implementation (MOA Owned – Group 2)9/23/2019
 ITB: CDRER00591 / ANC 2018 Earthquake Damage Repairs Group 29/11/2019
 ITB: 0441008 / Z518290000 - HSIP: Palmer-Wasilla Hwy, Center Left Turn Lane Widening9/10/2019

 Procurement: Professional Services (Showing 7 of 15 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 HSIP Bogard at Engstrom/Green Forest Intersect Improve Enviro & Design Support12/5/2019
 Knik Goose Bay Road Reconstruction Phase I – Utility Coordination Agency Involvement Services11/26/2019
  HSIP: Central Region Guardrail Inventory and Upgrade Design Services 11/25/2019
 RFP 25202050 Construction Administration for Crooked Creek Airport Improvements11/22/2019
 ANC Architectural/Engineering Services Term Agreement 201911/20/2019
 DOT&PF Annex Building Earthquake Repairs Design Services11/12/2019
 Central Region Transportation Fair Organizer11/4/2019