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 Boards and Commissions: Transportation Advisory Board, Alaska Community and Public

 Marine Transportation Advisory Board Meeting12/13/2018


 ITB 25190S65 Elevator Maintenance on AMHS Vessels12/18/2018
 Amended ITB 2519N017; Bridge Timbers, Northern Region, Federally Funded11/21/2018
 ITB 2519N016; Audiometric Testing and Training, Northern Region11/21/2018
 Invitation for Quotes: Nunapitchuk Airport (16A) Maintenance11/15/2018
 AMENDED ITB 2519C017 Svenska SIB Wire Broom Tufts - TSAIA11/7/2018

 Procurement: Construction Bids

 ITB NFHWY00258 Johansen Expressway Signal Interconnect – Peger to College11/27/2018
 Sand Point Airport Maintenance 11/27/2018
 Pre-Solicitation Notice: TUSTUMENA Replacement Vessel (TRV) Project – Roll-On/Roll-Off Ferry Vessel11/15/2018
 ITB: 0A4-1(26) / Z543730000A Parks Highway MP 48.8 – 52.3 Structures Removal, 201811/2/2018
 ITB -- HSIP: Sterling Highway and Main Street Intersection Improvements10/11/2018
 ITB -- AIP 3-02-0078-0XX-2018 / CFAPT00283 Dillingham Airport Gate Improvements8/28/2018
 ITB -- 2501000040 AVTEC Underground Fuel Tank Replacement8/27/2018
 ITB -- AIP 3-02-0122-XXX-2018 / CFAPT00144 Homer Airport Safety Improvements8/10/2018
 ITB -- AIP 3-02-0122-0XX-2018 / CFAPT00243 Homer Airport ARFF/SRE Building8/3/2018
 ITB -- 19-25-1-001 Benson Boulevard Pipe Lining7/26/2018
 ITB -- 0496(014) / Z584810000 Whittier Tunnel Surface and Drainage Improvements7/24/2018
 ITB -- RSA0560707A APK Building: South Chiller Addition7/20/2018
 ITB -- 0209002 / Z524520000 & 0209004 / CFHWY00397 & 0001623 / CFHWY00398 Bethel Ridgecrest Drive Rehabilitation & HSIP: 15CN01 Bethel Ridgecrest Drive School Zone Upgrades & HSIP: 15CR01 Akakeek Street and Ridgecrest Drive Intersection Improvements6/29/2018
 ITB -- CSAPT00199 ANC Miscellaneous Repairs Fleet Fueling Facility and Outlet Control Structure6/28/2018
 ITB -- 0001(604) / CFHWY00402 HSIP: Old Glenn & KGB: Wider Lane Lines, PH I: KGB MP 8.1 - 206/27/2018
 ITB -- 2501000048 McLaughlin Youth Center – Roof Replacements and Repairs6/27/2018
 ITB -- TA18001 / CFHWY00166 AMATS: Westchester Lagoon Nature Trail Rehabilitation6/22/2018
 ITB -- 18-25-1-022 CR18 Peninsula District NHS Preventative Maintenance and CR18 Peninsula District Non-NHS Preventative Maintenance6/20/2018
 ITB -- 0515005 / Z573100000 HSIP: Jewel Lake Road Widening, 88th Avenue to Strawberry Road6/19/2018