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 Boards and Commissions

 Alaska Seismic Hazards Safety Commission4/21/2017
 Board of Forestry4/21/2017
 Wood-Tikchik State Park Management Council4/21/2017
 Alaska Historical Commission4/21/2017
 Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve Advisory Council4/21/2017
 Geologic Mapping Advisory Board Meeting4/21/2017


 Amendment 1 to RFP 170007320 Mobile Food Services for the Division of Forestry4/26/2017
 Amendment 1 to ITB 170007293, Portable Office Building Rentals for Forestry4/21/2017
 RFP 170007320, Mobile Food Services for the Division of Forestry4/20/2017
 ITB 170007293, Portable Office Building Rentals for Forestry4/18/2017
 ITB 170007292, Purchase of Waterax pumps and pump parts for Forestry4/12/2017

 Procurement: Construction Bids

 ITB: DSP: VCC Curry Ridge Trail Connector & Bridge, Project No. 79225-14/27/2017
 ITB - Vitro Pit Reclamation, Project No. 52956-14/19/2017

 Public Notices (Showing 12 of 35 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 Notice of Land Use Permit Application Update - TK Enterprise, LLC Cross Country Travel4/27/2017
 Section Line Development on Ester Dome - ADL 4207964/27/2017
 Division of Oil and Gas, State Pipelines Corrdinator's Section, Notice of Right-of-Way Amendment Application, Trans-Alaska Pipeline System-ADL 63574, Spur Dike No. 6 Extension Near Pipeline Milepost 20.84/26/2017
 Decision to Issue Utility Easements MHT #9200647 and MHT #9200438 Amendment 1 To Chugach Electric Association, Inc.4/26/2017
 ADL 232176 Utility Easement and Temporary Use Lands near Akhiok on Kodiak Island4/25/2017
 Mount Ryan RRCS Reoffer - ADL 4178174/25/2017
 Notice of Land Use Permit Application - Cole Hawkins Year-Round Camp4/25/2017
 Notice of Land Use Permit Application - DOT&PF Cross-Country Travel and Embankment Stabilization4/21/2017
 ADL 217591 ADF&G Trail Lake Hatchery Amendment #1 to lease4/20/2017
 LAS 31647 - City of Valdez4/20/2017
 ADL 232431 Mountaineering Club of Alaska Seth Holden Hut4/20/2017
 Land Use Permit Renewal4/20/2017