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 Agency Meetings

 Recreational Trails Program Training: Mitigating High Risk – Technical and Management Assistance for Alaska RTP6/9/2020


 Chilkoot Lake SRS: Road Corridor Improvements-Rebid6/23/2020
 Online Reservation System for Alaska State Parks6/11/2020

 Public Notices (Showing 22 of 33 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 EV-3-335 Notice of Public Hearing for a Replat near Nome, AK7/2/2020
 ADL 105601 USFS Log Transfer Facility Easement Renewal7/1/2020
 ADL 105307 USFS Log Transfer Facility Easement Application7/1/2020
 LAS 33309 QAP Franklin Bluffs Pad Storage Application6/30/2020
 Commercial Lease ADL 104846 Renewal6/30/2020
 Notice of 7 Permit Applications for Native Conservancy - Kelp Growth Research Sites throughout Prince William Sound6/26/2020
 ADL 233604: Aquatic Farmsite Lease, Blue Green Enterprises, LLC, Simpson Bay, Cordova, Alaska6/25/2020
 LAS 33289 Hansen Summer X-C Travel Application 6/25/2020
 Habanero Subdivision Public Notice6/23/2020
 ADL 33023, Knapp, Public Access Easement, Talkeetna AK6/23/2020
 Application for easement for water line to serve Dove Island and Ring Island6/18/2020
 ADL 233467 MTA and ADL 233494 CVEA: Public utility easement for overhead line and fiber optic in Glacier View, Alaska- Regional Managers Decision6/18/2020
 Preliminary Decision for commercial use dock on Danger Island6/17/2020
 ADL 421482, ADOT&PF Public Easement Application, Aurora Drive/Noyes Slough Bridge6/17/2020
 Preliminary Decision - Proposed Lease ADL 21903/31396 - Offshore Systems Kenai6/16/2020
 Notice of Analysis and Proposed Decision Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, ADL 63574, Sagavanirktok River Erosion Control Structure6/11/2020
 ADL 233511 Cordova Telephone Coop Fiber optic in Eyak Lake- Regional Managers Decision6/11/2020
 Preliminary Decision to authorize dry dock facillity, Air Marine Harbor, in Ketchikan6/11/2020
 ADL 421287 and ADL 421288: Preliminary Decision for Proposed Lease to ASTAC located at Pump Station 2 and Pump Station 3, North Slope, Alaska6/10/2020
 BLM # F-027049, Native Allotment Reconveyance along Riffle Creek, approximately 9 miles northeasterly of Minto, Christopher Charlie6/10/2020
 ADL 420756 Gwichin Foundation P&C Land Sale6/10/2020
 Easement Application for access trail for Alaska Rainforest Expedition (TREX)6/9/2020