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 Boards and Commissions

 Bristol Bay Advisory Group Teleconference Meeting on November 20, 201811/9/2018

 Boards and Commissions: Historical Commission, Alaska

 Alaska Historical Commission meeting9/25/2019


 Recreational Trail Program Grant Applications Available9/6/2019


 Online Bidding System for Oil & Gas Lease Sales10/16/2019
 RFP 200000013 Alaska Magnetic and Radiometric Geophysical Data Acquisition9/13/2019

 Procurement: Construction Bids

 Cripple Creek Pit Highwall Reclamation Project, PJ#52959-3: Upcoming Project9/25/2019
 Chilkoot Lake SRS: Road Corridor Improvements8/12/2019

 Public Notices (Showing 18 of 33 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 ADL 225561: Aquatic Farmsite Lease, Gary Seims dba Seims Sea Farm10/17/2019
 Notice of Right-of-Way Amendment Application Trans-Alaska Pipeline System, ADL 63574, Sagavanirktok River Revetment at Pipeline Milepost 21.510/17/2019
 Private, Non-exclusive Easements Under ADLs 420811, 420812, 420813, 42081410/17/2019
 Review Notice: LAS 32821-Cade Smith: An application has been received for cross country travel of one mini-excavator for use at a mining claim near Caribou Creek.10/15/2019
 Notice of a Section-line Easement Vacation in Cooper Landing, AK.10/10/2019
 LAS 32985, Moorage for GAU Dredge Mining @ Sheep Creek, Juneau10/10/2019
 LAS 32986, Moorage for GAU Dredge Mining @ Sheep Creek, Juneau10/10/2019
 LAS 32953, Moorage for GAU Dredge Mining @ Sheep Creek, Juneau10/10/2019
 LAS 32954, Moorage for GAU Dredge Mining @ Sheep Creek, Juneau10/10/2019
 BLM No. F-14355, Native Allotment Reconveyance along Kasegaluk Lagoon, Billy Blair Patkotak, Sr. (deceased)10/9/2019
 BLM No. F-14536 (Parcel A), Native Allotment Reconveyance southwesterly of Minto, Lee A. Titus10/9/2019
 Notice for a Proposed Reservation of Water, Sixmile River (LAS 28857)10/8/2019
 Notice for Proposed Reservation of Water, Perkins Creek Reach A, B, and C (LAS 26460, LAS 32798, and LAS 32799)10/8/2019
 ADL 109027: Private easement for erosion control along the Mendenhall River10/8/2019
 Appilcations to renew access and utility easements for Northern Star LLC (Pogo) ADLs 416809, 416817, 417247, 42127610/8/2019
 ADL 107829 Preliminary Decision for Aquatic Farmsite Lease Amendment in Shikat Bay, Southeast Alaska 10/4/2019
 Preliminary Decision to Authorize Existing Residential Structures in Meyer's Chuck, AK (ADL 108078)10/4/2019