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 Boards and Commissions

 Board of Agriculture and Conservation6/6/2017
 Boating Safety Advisory Council6/6/2017

 Public Notices (Showing 23 of 25 items. Group continues on the next page.)

 Travis/Peterson Environmental Consultants, Inc.6/20/2017
 Land Use Permit, 1-yr term6/19/2017
 EV 3-270 Notice of a Preliminary Decision for a Section-line Easement Vacation near Lake Louise, AK.6/16/2017
 ADL 232669 Creek Bend House - Preliminary Decision, State Land Sale in Palmer6/15/2017
 Land Use Permit for dog mushing tours6/15/2017
 Public Notice for ADL 420544- US Army Corps of Engineers Proposed Access Road Construction on Oliktok Point6/14/2017
  Land Use Permit for Step-and-Run Boardwalk north of Caribou Creek 6/14/2017
 ADL232197 Anchor Point Heights Subdivision Final Finding & Decision + Related Actions6/13/2017
 LAS 31767 - Public Notice of Land Use Permit request for temporary storage activities on state lands of the North Slope6/13/2017
 ADL 231543 Granite Mountain RRCS Final Finding & Decision and Related Actions6/13/2017
 ADL 107362 Cornelius Bakker, Inc. Lease Renewal Decision6/13/2017
 Land Use Permit for DOT project6/12/2017
 Best Interest Decision to Sell or Lease 450 Whittier Street6/9/2017
 Best Interest Decision to Dispose of Interest at MH Parcel C20499 in Juneau6/9/2017
 Invitation to Review Permit Application LAS 31701; Chatham Electric, Inc., Klondike Highway6/9/2017
 Fairweather, LLC 12-acre pad installation6/8/2017
 Notice of Proposed Tideland Lease to Kootznoowoo Inc. on Admiralty Island 6/8/2017
 Notice of Proposed Easement to Kootznoowoo Inc. for Submarine Transmission Cable in Chatham Strait6/8/2017
 ADL 232915: Kalifornsky Beach Road Erosion Control Project near Kasilof, Alaska6/2/2017
 DOG-State Pipeline Coordinator's Section, Notice of Analysis and Proposed Decision, Trans-Alaska Pipeline ROW Lease Amendment, ADL 63574, Spur Dike No. 6 Extension near PLMP 20.85/31/2017
 EV 3-269 Notice of a Preliminary Decision for a Section-line Easement Vacation near Lake Louise, AK5/30/2017
 Renewal for The Poker Flats Mine Permits: 01-83-796, 01-83-796-01, S-0601-A5/26/2017
 North Hollis Timber Sale - Forest Land Use Plan5/23/2017