Independent Expenditures Form 15-6


Amendment Description: Update description of expenditures


Submission Date: 09/21/2019

Filer Information

Filer First Name: PETER
Filer Middle Name: T
Filer Last Name: ZUYUS
Filer Full Address: PO Box 896
Anchor Point, Alaska 99556
Filer Occupation: retired
Filer Employer: n/a
Filer's Title with Other Entity: acting treasurer

Report Information

Election Year: 2019
Report Type: Ten Day
Filer Type: Other

Business/Other Entity Information

Business/Other Entity Name: Alaska Yes, Inc
Type of Business or Organization: Registered Entity
Address: PO Box 896
City: Anchor Point
State: Alaska
Country: United States
Business/Other Entity Contact Person: Peter Zuyus
Contact E-mail:
Contact Phone: 9072990539

Election Information

Election: Kenai Peninsula Borough


Name Full Address Title
Peter Zuyus 41095 Dorothy Drive
Homer, Alaska 99603
Nona Safra PO Box 1322
Anchor Point, Alaska 99556
Vice President
Wayne Ogle 130 South Willow St #3
Kenai, Alaska 99611
Vice President


Date Recipient Payment
Candidate /
09/11/2019 Nona Safra
PO Box
Anchor Point, Alaska 99556
Check Number: 1003
OPPOSE: Prop 1
Election: Kenai Peninsula Borough
Reimburse for NO on 1 signs
09/13/2019 Juggernaut Consulting Services
41095 Dorothy Dr
Homer, Alaska 99603
Check Number: 1006
OPPOSE: Prop 1
Election: Kenai Peninsula Borough
Radio, Print and Facebook advertisement expenses for support of Opposition to Proposition 1 and general support of candidates Henry, Quick and Odd, including opposition to other candidates for KPB Assembly
09/21/2019 nona safra
box 1322
anchor point, Alaska 99556
Check Number: 1009
OPPOSE: Prop 1
Election: Kenai Peninsula Borough
Reimbursement for auto and expenses to place 8 No on Prop 1 Signs on the Kenai Peninsula
09/21/2019 Juggernaut Consulting Services
41000 Dorothy Drive
HOMER, Alaska 99603
Check Number: 1010
OPPOSE: Prop 1
Election: Kenai Peninsula Borough
reimburse of expenses PREpaid to Sound Publishing (Peninsula Clarion/ Homer News) for opposition to Prop ! $593.18; support homer city council Strooza/Erickson $225.00; general support of assembly candidates Henry $133.33 Odd $133.33 and Quick $133.33


Contributor Details Amount
08/31/2019 Type: Other
Name: Celebrate Alaska
PO Box
Anchor Point, Alaska 99556
Officers / Directors
Name Full Address Title
Nona Safra PO Box Anchor Point AK 99556 Member


Date Recipient Candidate /
No Debts / Nothing to Report

Report Summary

Number of Expenditures Reported with this Report: 4
Total of paid Expenditures: $4,979.83 

Previous Contributions: $0.00 
Number of Contributions Reported with this Report: 1
Total of Contributions Reported with this Report: $20,930.17 
Cumulative Contribution Amounts: $20,930.17 

Number of Officers: 3

Number of Debts Reported with this Report: 0
Total of Debts Incurred but not yet paid: $0.00